Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leave our campusses alone!

Few things shock me worse than a massacre as seen on Virginia tech,
Racism is one of them, and the political exploitation of the massacres victims is another.

Most of them hadn't been laid out yet before the first statement in regards to gun ownerships were being made. "We need tighter gun control", "We need to start arming teachers", ... you're all revolting. And I'm not arguing that either of them are wrong, far from. Without firearms, the assailant would likely only have managed to kill a couple of people before getting overpowered, the same can be said about the scenario where more people had been carrying concealed weapons. Neither scenarios are wrong, neither is guaranteed to be correct.

No, you're using the human pain and misery to promote your own political ideas
, applied to a situation where they aren't even relevant! College and university campuses are amongst the safest places in the union. You can attribute that to them being highly controllable environments, the social structure ... I'd even humor the notion that the almost complete absence of firearms has got something to do with it, fact is, we don't need any action to increase their safety. The results of a backfire outweigh the potential benefit by far!

Let's evaluate the situation from another point of view: who's tossing up this issue for their own gain? Politicians ... they care about getting re-elected more than they care about the local fraternity or faculty group. They do not have have your best interest in mind, nor do the zealots supporting them. (this statement does not distinguish between political siding) Another breed of crier here are the ones who are personally affected by this horrible event.
I can't blame them, I really can't. If I had something like that happen to a beloved one, I'd be out screaming for answers too. Truth is, grief and anger are not the good foundation of difficult decisions.

Pick up the phone and call the campus nearest to you, ask the person on the other side how long it's been that somebody was killed or hurt badly through violence? Chances are that he or she won't even remember. Do you really want to start messing with that? You can save more lives directing traffic at a busy intersection for one single week, than by messing with campus related gun legislation for a decade.

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