Monday, March 31, 2008

Kitten chases bear into a tree.

I recently told Marilyn that "I walk softly, and carry a big stick". When she asked if I was referring to a handgun, I said no, I do not carry any weapon on me.
My "big stick" is my ability, and obvious willingness to resist. Obvious, as anybody who crosses me will quickly catch on that I will not let anybody walk over me. I do not seek conflict, I do not like violence, and try to avoid it. But if trouble seeks me out, I will fight back!

Foolish? Well, *my* ability to fight off your garden variety punk has unfortanately been tried and tested, and it passed. Not a pleasant experience, nothing I would ever want to go through again, or put somebody through. On the bright side, aforementioned thugs will be less likely to be picking on other people now, being confronted with fact that some might fight back.

Criminals, and other attackers often rely on scaring their victims. They hope to scare their target into compliance, not expecting resistance. Being willing to stand up for yourself is very important, and showing the willingness to do so may scare off aggressors far beyond your ability to actually fight, as illustrated in this story where six month old kittens chased a bear up a tree! That's a six foot, 200 pound bear chased up in a tree by a little puss.
Rob Allen posted a tale of a cornered mouse willing to go toe to toe with a fullsized human, just to show an even more extreme picture.

I dislike violence, and believe we must work to build a peaceful society, but laying down your arms and giving aggressors what they want will not accomplish this! Preventing violence by showing the will to resist is better than getting mugged. Fighting of an attacker is violence in itself, but beats further cultivation of a thug who believes that his victims are easy pickings.

Suppose so many people start to carry concealed weapons that criminals become afraid to mug people, what then? Will they suddenly turn into law abiding citizens? No, they'll probably turn to shoplifting and burglary, but at least they won't be threathening people at knifepoint anymore.


On the blog: "Gun Ownership: A Right or Privilege?", I read about an interesting study today. More intiguing than what was actually being said, is the way the author of mentioned blog presents the information to his readers:

The study:
  • 1 percent of gun stores sell the weapons traced to 57 percent of gun crimes.
The blog:
  • 1% of gun dealers are responsible for about 57% of all gun crimes

Is this a matter of semantics, or is the blogger deceiving his readers? Does he hold the people who sell guns responsible for the actions of those who abuse them? Would he hold car manufacturers responsible for hit and run incidents?

I'm off to ask him, feel free to follow suit.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Current events in the UK

Hello, welcome to the gun debate critic on sunday, keeping an eye on the United kingdom, the beatiful and gun-free nation that is to serve as an example for all industrialised countries that still allow their subjects to be armed. Let's review the sunday edition of the BBC website.

A man was found assaulted and remains in critical condition with injuries to the head and neck sustained during a soccer realated brawl. He is luckier than the man found in the street, or the kid who was stabbed, as those both died. The evening standard wrote a piece on how two kids were stabbed to death seven hours apart. The London mayor, Ken Livingstone has made it known that he doesn't feel responsible for these events ... don't think I would either I guess.

When a handgun was found in Belfast, both law enforcement officers, soldiers and explosives/ordenance disposal responded, the gun was taken in for investigation, no arrests have been made so far.

There was a spate of break-in attemps, some of which succesful, some amounted to othing more but vandalism. I suppose it's better to fall victim to a burglar than to an arsonist, like the one who burned down a shelter for the homeless.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

About the black market

The black market ... an amazing phenomenon to say the least. Spawned forth by the entreprising element of society, criminal capitalism at its best and before anything: oppertunism. Given a chance to make bank on a demand artificially generated by government mandate, there are plenty of people willing to risk trouble with mentioned government.

The demand can be for anything. In the Netherlands, smuggling butter was once a very profitable enterprise, much like smuggling cigarettes into the UK these days. Take any commodity, pass a law prohibiting it, and a black market will arise to supply the demand. It was the case when the US prohibited alcohol, it is the case now that many countries around the world have banned certain drugs.

And the black merket, what does it look like? Many may initially imagine a warehouse or similar building with people selling their wares, but quickly realize that is a cartoon image. The black market, it is everywhere. It is the dealer on the corner selling drugs to passers by, it is the appartment out of which a pair of crooks are selling their wares, it are the couriers of a fast-food-style drug delivery service.

The black market is a spontaneously generated organism, whose spores are everywhere and when conditions are met, they settle and grow. An inexterminable lifeform that has no home or ancorage, that has little ties in between, and can remain undetected indefinitely.

In nature, that which grows spontaneously is usually a simple lifeform, but not the black market, and especially not the suppliers to the black market. Recently, we read of semi-submarines used to smuggle drugs, before that, there was the Tennesee pot-cave, there have been many others. With no natural cave, some Britons went as far as to bury eight large cargo units to house an underground (litt&fig) Drug "factory".

The salesmen of the black market and the criminals supplying it are some of the most enterprising people to be found in this world. We will not be able to stop them, even the most opressive regimes have had to deal with smuggling, and often failed at it (underground railroad, the hiding of Jews during WWII) , the black market is eternal.

How can anyone say that we can effectively ban an object? We've spent so much money and effort, shed so much blood to stop drugs, and what do we get? Pot grown in underground shipping containers delivered to your door by what essentially amounts to a pizza delivery service for narcotics.
Do we really want to go through the same mess with guns? I'm not saying we mustn't seek to reduce the damage that gun abuse is causing, I'm saying that a head on prohibition simply will not work.
Didn't work for christianity in ancient Rome, didn't work for alcohol in the twenties, it's not working for drugs, it will not work for guns.

If only the government could have guns ...

... then plenty of other people would have them too.

DEA agents are losing their guns faster than ever.

"Special agent left weapon on roof of car and drove off,"
"May have fallen into trash basket at work,"
"Left weapon in supermarket."
"Left weapon on airplane."
"Left weapon in airport restroom."

Plenty of guns were stolen as well, under various circumstances. In one case, an officers son stole the gun. If anything, it should be clear that even with an all-out ban on legal civillian guns, criminals will still have a way of getting guns, from the police, or from a tax code enforecement agency.

On another note, missing gun cases are to be investigated by ... the DEA. Figures.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The tale of a child mugger and his caring victim.

Truely heartwarming:

A man who gets held up at knifepoint teaches his attack a few important lessons in life.

"The polls have me in the lead, but your pole's the only one I need"

Okay, this is just plain funny!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

16 y/o beats man to death ...

Well, it wasn't just one 16 year old, there were four kids skipping school who ganged up and beat a man in a subway station, the man died.

... oh dear ...

what the fµcking hell!?
Where on earth did this come from? Kids skipping school, going out, having fun, beating a man to death and possibly catching a movie afterwards maybe? Seriously, what the hell!

Now I'm not gonna point any fingers at the education system, parents or law enforcement, I'm just going to ask a question in line with the priinal spirit of this blog:

How much worse could this have been if that man would have had a gun?

Can you imagine a place without guns?

I need not imagine ...

Results in one graphic picture.

It's not guns, it's people killing people.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"This is what we use to defend ourselves"

The words of a Mexican policeman, who feels that even his M16 rifle which he is referring to, isn't adequte to take on the drug-gangs.

Some other prieces of his interview can be found in this CNN article, which deals with how Mexican criminals are importing firearms from the US into Mexico to kill police officials.
I find it odd that he believes to be outgunned with "only" an M16, maybe it's th scare of the 50 caliber rifles that are seeping into mexico that are being used to assasinate policemen. Maybe it's the "Fabrique National pistols" that have him scared.

Seriously, what?

Yes, a .50 bullet fired from a rifle will penetrate both car doors and a bulet resistant vest, so will most other rifle rounds. Then there's the "pistols by FN" bit. What is it about these pistols that scares people so badly? Yes, the 5.7x28 was designed to defeat body armor ... when tipped with a high desity round and fired from a P90 carbine.
Such armor piercing rounds are not available to the general public, and neiter are P90's. There's the civillian PS90, but the article mentions pistols, not rifles. A soft or jacketed round from a Five-seveN handgun will do barely any better than an olympic target pistol will do at penetrating a police issue bullet-resistant vest.

Stop yacking about guns, and deal with corruption will ya?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillaries honesty

ABC puts it as a "misstatement", Sear and hammer has posted a slightly more stingy video:

The story and explaination why it was alot of BS made its rounds around a lot of blogs, send it around and spread the word.

"The woman is a snake, believe nothing she sais"
(Deus ex, Warren Spector)

Straight of a movie?

This four barreled shotgun was turned into anamnesty program in Manchester, 2006.
The obvious product of a home-workshop gunsmith, this weapon is a clear reminder that we will never be able to get rid off guns as long as there's people willing to break the law.

Brittish police cry for judges to enforce the law.

In the UK, they've got issues.

  • "... our porous borders allow weapons to simply flow into the country while the Government's failure to combat the scourge of drugs also fuels so much violent crime."
Gangs, of course, gangs and other criminals are thriving in an atmosphere of prohibition. A large market for illicit drugs has spawned forth a large amount of people willing to break the law in order to meet the demand. But the gangs of today, aren't those of years past:

  • There will always be gangs and criminals but today it is the fact that they carry guns which makes them truly intimidating.
One would suspect that guns would be less available then during the period when they were still legally available, no? Unfortunately, the prohibition of guns has also led to a large black market dealing with this £500 (pounds) a pop commodity.

And now, much like in the USA, the flaw in handling this situation lies not in the lack of strong anti-gun laws, but in the failure toact on them. The illegal posessio of a firearm carries a mandatory 5 year sentence. Though it's not really mandatory, because a lot of judges are refusing to hand them out, to the great dismay of certain law enforement officials.

I personally dislike mandatory sentences, as I believe in a case-by-case review of individual crimes, and before anything I believe in rehabilitation. So here's the problem I'm concerned with: the cops and courts aren't on the same wavelength! This is a much bigger issue, a far more important and dangerous one, than the sentencing of individual criminals.

Unless you can get all bodies and branches of the government to move in the same direction, you're in for a lot of trouble.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

this is what I call video game violence.

A seven year old kid got beaten by his drunk dad with a video game controller. Not game-beaten, he was hit and poked (?), said father is currently being held for second-degree assault and resisting arrest.

I don't know if the video game can be held responsible for this outburst of violence, the drink, or the human element. Sure enough, you'll find people blaming any of them, or all of them.

Arson homicide.

A woman died in a housefire on Easter sunday in Nocross. It has now been ruled that the death was a homicide.

I've always maintained that arson is a viable method of murder, wether the victim is one person, or a school full of them. If we want to be safe, we must seek to change the way people deal with their violent inclinations, and not just the tools available to them, because someone bent on murder will always find a way.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Current events in the UK

Hello on sunday, here's Michael Hawkins keeping you up to date how the brittish war on guns and knifes is going.
Today is a particulary nasty sunday, I haven't even fully read through the BBC's website and there's already nine interesting stories open in my browsers tabs.

Starting off with a couple of gun incidents, and some mystery.:
Two gunmen opened fire on a pub in what appears to be a random shooting, injuring two people.
They are more fortunate than the man who got shot in the face.
Another man was attacked in an unspecified manner, though it has been said that the attack was "an act of extreme savagery".
Yet another man was attacked in an unspecified way, he is still in critical condition. It wasn't the first time he'd had trouble, his windows had been smashed in on several occasions and he had been assaulted before. The current suspects are out on bail.

Just a day or so ago I wrote of a pertol bomb found in northern Ireland, well, there has now been an attack with a pertrol bomb in Londonderry, targeting policemen.

On to the major portion: knife crime.
An act of domestic knife violence has left a man dead in Essex, another man was stabbed to dead in a London mall.
As a part of the new plan to curb knife crime, Brittish subjects may now be required to pass through a metal detector before taking the tube (subway), while not providing any guarantees, the detectors have succesfully removed hundreds of knifes and other weapons from civillian hands. Similar metal detectors are to be installed in schools, where teachers who previously requested stab proof vests are now finding weapons and drugs in the posession of more and more students.

Obviously, it's bloody well time y'all yanks adapted some common sense gun control laws!

... maybe not.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What an amazing coincidence!

Earlier this morning, Awalk snapped at me for ignoring Europe (Once again, the US has 5 times the murder rate of western Europe...)
This afternoon, a fellow from a forum dealing with weapons links me to a very interesting blog page that deals with just the comparison between murder in the USA, and the UK.

Some selected parts:

  • when you remove the firearm stats, the US would still only slip down a few spots on the international rankings. We would still beat the UK, Canada, Australia, and pretty much all of Europe even if you don't remove any other countries' firearm stats.
  • (concerning the effects of gun legislation on the murder rate)
  • as you can see in the graphs, the fatal stabbings fell more than the rate of fatal shootings. Last I checked, however, the background checks doesn't apply to knives..

    But, yea, either way, the US beats the UK in the stabby category.

    Naturally, one could argue that could be because of their silly "knife control" laws or something. So next up, let's look at the blunt objects graph to the right. This category includes things like baseball bats, hammers, heavy rocks, and what have you. Yet despite the much ballyhooed availability of guns in the US, our murderers still use the caveman method twice as often as their counterparts in the UK.

So ... guns are the problem?

Incendiary weapon found.

So, after having taken guns out of the equation, Northern Irish police are now responding to tips which have led them to the seizure of a potentially lethal firebomb.

Exitantis telis, nonne pax?
(with the "guns" gone, shouldn't there be peace?)

Friday, March 21, 2008

More explosives on Campus.

Once again, a student has been caught tinkering with explosives and destructive devices on campus grounds. Police officers executed a search warrant in a dormatory in Davis California, finding a wide range of chemicals, mixed explosives and materials for making pipe-bombs.

He had "black gunpowder", which probably means store-bought smokeless powder. (blackpowder as used in fireworks is gray) The article also mentions liquids, and information concerning HMTD, which leads me to believe that the student in question has progressed to the lower-intermediate stage of amateur high energy chemistry. More serious than the 12 year old who mants to make "something that goes boom", but with limited knowledge or ambitions.

We don't know this kids intentions, but he did have a finished explosive and material to make a destructive device, so he (and many others) would have been able to carry out a bombing. Even if his intention weren't criminal, his behavior is most reckless! Explosives in a dorm!?
This also teaches us that if somebody really wanted to kill a lot of people, he would not necessairely need a firearm.

Sebastian on Al Jazeera

Sabastian from pro gun progressive appears on Al Jazeera

Dial 911 and die

Brought to my attention by TSLR, before I got a chance to read the CNN homepage.

There once was a fight in my street. Despite the local precinct being only twe streets away, it took the cops a very long time (15min, maybe even more) to get to our street. This wasn't really their fault, they followe procedure and wait for backup to be available before moving in. Policemen are often hardworking people who have an honest interest in keeping people safe, but they are not supermen, they cannot be everywhere at the same time.

It's often been said: The police are only minutes away, when dangers is standing in front of you. Imagine what could have happened in those 15 minutes, somebody could have died, and then gotten away.

  • "Yeah sure, it's easy to say "could have", but when did that ever happen?"
Just now, it happened in West Covina California. The poor woman died while on the phone with a 911 operator, and her killer made a clean escape.

I am in no way saying that you shouldn't call 911! If you believe your life is in danger, then you should get clear of an immediate threat, and inform the proper authorities. Then, you must survive the time period it takes cops to get to you. You can lock yourself in a room and hope the intruder wont find a way in. Some people lock themselves in a room, and hope they don't have to shoot the intruder when he does find his way into the room, these are people who believe in self defence and self preservation. These are the survivors

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gang members weapon of choice?

In a large operation, Phoenix policemen have arrested over 30 suspected gang members. They also laid hands on several pounds of drugs, Canabis and crack cocaine. They also seized a large amount of firearms.

If we can believe the VPC and the brady campain, assault weapons are gang members weapon of choice, but of the 19 guns confiscated, only one was a rifle. Granted, certain handguns and even shotguns were subject to the AWB, but "assault weapon" usually denotes AK-47 look alikes, AR-15 style rifles and other "Evil Black Rifles"

1 rifle out of 19 guns? Might not actually be an assault weapon too.

Oh well, great job in Phoenix, I always love to read about criminals getting what they've got coming.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

DGU in Phoenix salon.

A man entered a salon with a gun, intending to rob it. However, having made arrangements beforehand, having a gun and the willingness to use it, has allowed phoenix police to capture a live -though wounded- criminal.

The owner, tipped off by an employee using a code word, reached for a gun of his own, when the criminal pointed a gun at the owner, said owner opened fire, injuring the robber, who then tried to flee the scene.
With no more need for lethal force, the owner of the salon then restrained the robber untill police arrived on the scene.

(Full story)

The video isn't playing in firefox, not in mine anyway.

Man gunned down by killer robot.

Ya rly!

I kid you not, though don't get your hopes up on the sci-fi plain.

Austrian man shot on driveway by killer robot.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Hampshire decriminalises pot.

Those in posession of a quarter ounce of po or less willnow face only a $200 fine, rather than a $2000 fine and the possibilit of a year in jail.

I personally encourage the decriminalisation of cannabis, it has worked rather well in the Netherlands, and in my homecoutry, Belgium. I don't personally smoke pot, but from a liberal point of view, I do believe people should have the right to.

Anyway, I hope NH does well with this new piece of legislation.

People on the edge over dull knife.

When a senior citizen was seen carrying a knife into the Licoln Von maur mall, it was closed down fot two hours. Police cordoned off the exits and canvased the area for the man. Someone said a man fitting the description had come to have a knife sharpened ...

I involuntarely giggeled when I read this, but it does teach us more than just a quaint little story. People are taking the possibility of a knife attack serious these days! Must be the gun free zone thing, not expecting an attacker with a gun maybe?
PSH over a 60 year old with a blunted knife, tssk.

Nobody got hurt, no arrests were made, a lot of revenue was lost probably, and the population grows fearful of old people with cooking implements. Well, a mass stabbings have happened before
(in the US and in Japan), so I suppose there is some reson for concern ... but there's being reasonable, and there's this.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Man fired for chasing off thief.

A home depot manager was fired from his job because he chased off a thief who was breaking into a vending machine using a crowbar. Said manager is now suing home depot.

You all know my strong feelings of not egiving criminals what they want, but then again, I also support the right of an employer to institutes regulations.
Before anything, I thinks it was a pretty risky move, chasing up to a guy who's got a crowbar, it could have ended pretty badly.

I wonder how this will turn out.

a walk in the park, a long one.

So, over at Marilyns, I am STILL making conversation with this awalk character, which has been cutting into my blogging time rather badly.

Discussion is going on in three separate threads, the ones with a massive amount of replies compared to the other ones.
The discussion about guns in schools is still pretty "clean", the other two (one used to be about waterboarding, the other was about the valentines day shooting)
Unfortunately, whenever I ask a question (the kind that pins the guy down) He refuses to answer becasue of a comment Yuri made.

If you want to read my recent writings, I suggest you head over and check it all out. Keep your manners if you choose to reply though, Marilyn runs a neat and civillized blog, let's keep it that way.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

two kids, 12 and 14, try to rob a police station ...

Hillarity ensues ...

spread this, seriously!

Brittons call for "armed forces day"

The UK's military has long been under fire, both abroad and on home turf. By civillians in the latter battlefield that is. Anti-military ideas have led to verbal abuse of soldiers wearing their uniform in public, to an attempt to refuse an education to military cadets in civillian institutions (a violation of the human rights chapter).

But it would appear that these are the actions of a minority! There is in fact, a widespread support (77%) for an "armed forces day", which would celebrate these men, woman and one prince. You know, parades, open barracks for the day, maybe set up an exta recuitment booth next to the machinegun range.

Me, I'm rather impartial to the issue. If the military want's to have an open barracks day, and parade through the streets, they should bloody well be able to! Make it another offical day? Meh, you can go off make days like this for everybody, and they often go by forgotten

Friday, March 14, 2008

Denvers Cameras, a million dollar failure.

Installing cameras to cut down on crime is a well tried venue, not always a successful one unfortunately.
In attempt to cut down on graffiti vandalism, the city of Denver spends roughly one million dollars a year to maintain a camera surveillance system.

No arrests have resulted.

Related: CCTV fails in the UK

Brittons, Hillary, Obama and a 2000 year old tale

By the Telegraph

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home invaders make off with 30 guns.

A pack of criminals who apparently knew a man had a large collection of firearms decided it would be lucrative to force their way into his house and threaten to kill his family if he didn't hand over the guns.
They made off with 30 firearms.

Seriously, what harm could it possibly cause to publish the names of people who own guns/get a CCW?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CCW aplications up 49% in Denver

Article here

It would appear that the shootings at the von Maur mall, the house of worship shootout cut short by Assam and the NIU shooting have promted nearly 9300 (it's over nine thousand!) people to apply for a permit that allows them to carry a concealed handgun.

Opinions on the matter differ greatly, as does the explaination. Either way, this side of the fence is getting more crowded every day!

Fighting back works!

I dislike violence, always have, and I hope I always will.
That doesn't mean that I would never resort to violence if I saw no other option.

This woman saw no other option either. When a young man tried to abduct her, she fought back, and fought him off.
Over in the UK, a little boy is being praised as a hero for challenging an intruder bent on killing his mother.

One should never seek out violence, but violent people might find you. If they do, you can give them what they want and hope for the best, or you can resist. You can try to run, or you can try to fight back. It's your life, and I will not tell you how to best preserve it, but you should know, that fighting back can work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cell phone free school zones?

Just finished watching this news video.

The matter at hand: traffic's very bus near a school, with a lot of kids leaving and a lot of parents driving in to pick up their kids. This is hazardous to people on the phone, who are distracted so badly by these little electronic gizmo's that they are rendered incapable of keeping their eyes open!

The response: Let's ban cell phones!

I mean, we could just have people watch where the they are going, put a police officer in charge of directing traffic, or try to create a safer traffic situation, but why do something like that if you can ban something?
Surely, banning an object involved in a couple of "close calls" will make people safer, right?

Newsflash: a bunch of idiots are putting themselves at risk by being not paying attention when in a dangerous situation. Any harm in standing on the sidewalk giving somebody a ring? Surely not. Doing the same while crossing the street, or driving a car, something different entirely.

The problem lies once again with human behavior, not some object.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I don't support guns ...

Isn't that a shocker?

You all know me as an arduous supporter of the gun rights movement, but I don't support guns? what on earth?

It's quite simple actually, it starts with a few simple facts:

  1. Man is an exceptional life-form. Rather than adapting, we've taken a habit of creating tools, and adapting the world to suit our needs.
  2. Every succesful invention exists today becasue there is or has been a need for it
  3. Guns were designed to kill other life forms.
That last one may raise some bad blood with some, but you know it's true. Guns are also used for target shooting, a recreational activity that -ideally- hurts no living creature. But they were originally created to kill.
We created guns, because there was a need for them at the time, and it wasn't for hunting.

Guns were originally made as weapons of war, small handheld guns, large cannon guns, most of them were military weapons to kill other people.
So, there once was a time when people tought it was necessairy to kill other people.

This, I do not support!

Still today, people want guns to kill other people, I don't support that either.
I don't support "guns" I honestly believe that the world would be a better place if there had never been a need for them, alas, that is not the world we live in, suc world is a dream and guns are a reality.

How then can it be that I support the right to keep and bear these implements that were designed to kill people (and animals to a lesser degree). Fist of all, I primarely oppose gun control. Not from a love for guns, but because I do not believe that gun control works; I think most gun control measures are at best a missapropriation of effort and funds, in a worse situation it is a complete waste, and at worst, it makes the situation of the people worse.

Gun buyback programs are the best examples of those first two. They are extremely expensive and require a lot of man-hours to seize a sizeable amount of guns, very few of which (if any) have ever been usid in a crime, or would have been. Obviously I oppose such measures!

The money could have better been invested in education, cleaning up neighbourhoods, invested in traffic safety, or even to finance that one percent of the population in jail. The police officer who man these buybacks could have been out helping people, catching criminals, even just driving around town showing to the criminal element that they are present and awake.

Then there's the degradation of civil liberties.

It can make you look like a nutter if you bring this up against an oponent in a debate; "they're taking our guns, we'll be slaves soon" sounds paranoid and insane even, even to me. I'm talking about the notion that politicians, public servants, are wasting their time persuing legislation which doesn't serve the public. If they are not improving the life of the public while in office, they are degrading democracy! They are betraying their promise to the people, and are devalidating the worth of your power to vote.

This explains a lot I hope, but not everything.
I aso oppose certain laws that believe might actually work. Madness!

Well, not really. Some people are emotionally involved in their quest to rid the country/world of guns, and are just using some sensible law as a step-up to getting to work on laws that serve no purpose other than to indulge their desire to get rid of firearms.
To me, these are dangerous zealots, they too are not serving the publi interest, despite initially seeking to pass proper legislation. They are in it for themselves, which is in a way even worse than a politician wasting his/her time and your tax dollar.

So I support the right to keep and bear arms, so that gun control might one day fail, and be replaced by common sense education laws, common sense sex and drug classes, common sense law enforcement policies, common sense justice/penal system reforms ...

I don't support guns, I support leaving guns alone and turning our attention to where it is needed.

Do I like guns? Yes I do. I like to study their internal mechanics, I enjoy marksmanship and target shooting, but I have never shot an animal or person, and hope I'll never have to do either, as I hold life in high regard.

I even take a little bit of pride in my countries heritage when it comes to firearms, Belgian companies have introduced some marvels of engeneering into the world, I feel a strange pride for this. But I think it is a little sad as well, that we once had a need, or saw a profit in providing for someone else's need, to kill others.
That, does not instill pride in me, nor shame ... it reminds me of mans nature, it reminds me that I must be better than that.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday ...

For some people, sunday is about leisure.

Well, not for me really, today I typed out a lab report, eff'n hate those reaction mechanisms (electron goes where?) I still need to do two more this week, reorganised my books and paperwork, finally got around to putting my old university-courses away (you'd never guess just how big a pile of paper that was!)

After that, I ended up playing some games, now that I've finally got a match grade PC again (and that's why I'll probably never own a tricked out car or AR-15)
, and now it's time for me to hit the sack, it's a couple of minutes to midnight on this side of the ocean, and class starts on 09.30

Anyway -you guess it by now- you're not getting a decent post today, not even some gun-porn or anything. If you're truely hell bent on reading my writings, you can fo read some of my futureal delusions, the early posts are especially interesting if you're worried about peak oil and such.

But you can hold your breath, tomorrow you'll be reading a post of mine labeled "I don't support guns" ... did I turn on you, or am I just being argumentative? You'll find out ... or will be able to guess.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

British students openly violate human rights.

A British student body has voted to ban all military personel, including cadets, from their campus. The usual "illegal, bloody war, cut off support" rhetoric as seen earlier this year in the city of Berkley Ca, which wanted to kick out the marine recuitment office.

However, I quote from the European chaper on fundamental human rights:

  • Article 14
    Right to education
  • 1. Everyone has the right to education and to have access to vocational and continuing training.
  • 2. This right includes the possibility to receive free compulsory education.
  • 3. The freedom to found educational establishments with due respect for democratic principles and
    the right of parents to ensure the education and teaching of their children in conformity with their
    religious, philosophical and pedagogical convictions shall be respected, in accordance with the national
    laws governing the exercise of such freedom and right.

Obviously, banning students because of their profession, carreer plans or political point of view is a gross violation of the European human rights, chapter one article 14.

Gun free countries, aren't

Another targeted shooting in the UK.

Gun free zones haven't kept guns out of schools, declaring a gun-free country hasn't been sufficiënt in rendering the islands that are the united kingdom gun-free, as guns -much like drugs- are smuggled in, or manufactured illegally inside the country.

Just though I'd remind you all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Pipe bombs found on Campus

Via Sear and hammer:

Two partially assembled pipe bombs were found in a dorm of a Californian university.
The student who had gathered the components claimed he liked to experiment.

I understand that he liked to experiment, but this seems rather reckless doesn't it?
On another note, is this the explosive terror loophole the Brady campaign is talking about? A kid with no training whatshowever being capable of building a bomb?

On people who don't obey the law.

It's long been said that few laws affect criminals, because they -per definition- break the law, they do just what they want.

Well, not just criminals, it would appear.

My country of residence, Belgium, has long been pleagued by various tyes of criminals. Being a very high-traffic country, there has always been a lot of smuggling (illicit drugs, fake cigarettes to Brittain), there's eastern European gangs focused on credit card fraud, burglary and other offences. Essentially, the courts are flooded with important criminal cases.

At some point, we the people decided that the criminals mentioned should be put higher on the courts priority list than -say- people smoking pot. Having their hands full with dangerous criminals, people arrested with cannabis simply had their trials moved back, and back, untill it expired, reasonable term for a court case was exceeded.

Logical consequence: If the police catch you with some pot -which is illegal in Belgium- and there are no minors involved, nor are you making a public disturbance, they won't file charges against you. Policemen too have bigger fish to fry than people who are already fried.

Not so in Denver! Even though the people have clearly shown that they want marihuana offences kicked down to the lowest spot on the priority list. Since then, arrests for possessing the drug have gone UP! To the great discontent of the people, the voting publics bidding is being disregarded by local law enforcement authorities, who claim obedience to federal regulations.

Is democracy being trampeled, or should the penal system come up for review?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

They will never stop, a different war

I posted how gun control activists will never back down, never cease to push for even more restrictions, the same can be said about those who promote the so called war on drugs.

Banning heroin didn't work out, so acetic anhydride got scheduled too. Banning amphetamines has yet to get rid of them, so pseudo ephedrine, formic acid and methamine have been added to the -you can't have them- list.

Politicians have apparently found a new target for their anti-drug warriors: plastic baggies.
I kid you not, I came upon the story through sayuncle and TaxingTennesee, some one is actually calling out for a ban on small plastic baggies.

Refusing to admit that your venue of passing laws to curb undesired behavior is a well observed pattern of behavior in certain people. Instead of looking for alternative ways of dealing with the "problem", they insist on strengthening their original idea, which didn't work.

Did you know that a lot of coffee makers are illegal under Texan law? The pot is made out of pyrex (borosilicate glass), ownership requires licencing, and the heating element is a hotplate, which requires a licence as well.

How exactly have these laws stopped the availability of illicit drugs? They haven't.
Would you feel better, knowing that criminals can't legally get plastic baggies anymore? I don't.

Times square bombing

New York was shook by a bombing on Times square, probably targetted at a recuitment office for one of the branches of the military.

I've said this before and I'll say this again: the internet is riddeled with infomation on producing explosives, some of which is accurate.

It is impossible to eliminate every single way for people to harm one another, it is vital that we try to instill some kindness into humanity. It is not so much "how" someone wreaks havoc, much more "why". School shooters don't commit their atrocities "because they can", they are ill, filled with hate or just trying to go down in a blaze of glory.

It's those first two that are the greatest threat, because they will go to any ends to do their damage.
Or for Awalk: I've long realized that removing guns from society (or just NYC) will make society safe.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baltimore bus beating, legal proceedings

In case you're asking: "which one?" Don't feel too bad, I've list track myself of all the beatings in the beautiful and peaceful Baltimore with its progressive laws concering firearms and self defence. Here's for a reminder.

One of the victims, Sarah Kreager, is still dealing with the aftermath from the beating she received at the hand of a gang of "kids".

One of them has insunuated that the injuries she sustained, numerous broken bones, serious cuts to the head and neck and injuries to her face, were the results of injecting drugs in the past, a habit she has kicked and for which she was receiving treathment at the time of the attack.
Hence: "kids"

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world ...

The effects of gun laws

45superman over at "armed and safe" found a great article concerning exactly what effect gun laws have had in Virginia.

A small excerpt from the blogpost/

Headlam (the "gun-runner") then sheds some light on the "gun show loophole" myth.
They all knew that in Virginia, they could avoid the background checks if they purchased secondhand guns from private sellers - either at gun shows or through the classifieds.

But, Headlam said: "We never bought from any of them. That one-on-one stuff gets too complicated. People want to have a conversation. They get all skeptical. For real, it was less hassle at a gun shop.
The "gun shows are arms bazaars for gang-bangers" myth is starting to get more than a little frayed around the edges, it would seem, with gun traffickers more daunted by the idea of a friendly conversation with a private vendor than by criminal background checks--still proud, Paul?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Got my computer back!

Those technicians finally came 'round to replace my fried out graphics card, after a measely six months waiting, I can finally get back to gaming! Hellgate London has been ideling in my drawer for far too long now.

I hope it won't cut into my blogging too badly, you'll probably be seeing some azerty/querty spelling errors on top of my usual crappy English though. Typing semi-blind can be a curse in Europe I tell you ...
So, three months to swap out a part that's available at any computer store ... reminds me of big bears trip to the DMV. Except this is a private company that's not doing what it's supposed to do!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Why I oppose gun control

The Brady camapign like to inform people of exactly how many people that have been prevented from legally buying a gun because of the Brady bills backgrounds check system.
The NRA even put it's alledged 33 million pair of shoulders under legislation that would strenthen and fine-tune the system.

But still, felons are finding guns with which to shoot policemen.

A Miami Dade-police officer was shot by a felon, a person who cannot legally buy or own a gun, but managed to get one anyway. The current laws are not preventing criminals from getting guns illegally. There are several ways to respond to this:

Some people want to strengthen gun legislation, or introduce new laws aimed at traficking. Since the current gun laws don't work perfectly, stronger laws might work better. They value safety over gun rights, and believe that more restrictive legislation might deliver that safety.

Then there are people who look at it differently; the current laws don't work because they are fundamentally ineffective. Criminals do not obey the current laws, and find ways of getting around them. A lot of people think that criminals will break the stronger laws, just like they brake the current laws. Murder can already land you in jail untill the end of your days, how could you make that worse? The death penalty has been observed to be no real deterrent.
These people point to cities like Los Angeles, Baltimore and Washington DC to prove their point that stric gun control will not provide safety.

Personally, I would support anti-trafficing measure, if it weren't for the "slippery slope arguement". What if it doesn't work, and people will keep calling for even more stringent legislation? What if it never ends up providing us with security and safety, will those failed laws be repealed? A lot of "waiting period" laws have proven ineffective, but are yet to be repealed. This makes me, as well as a lot of other people- weary of giving new laws a chance.

There will always be the "what part of shall not be infringed don't you understand" crowd. I am not one of them. I oppose gun control because I don't believe it works. I support the right to keep and bear arms because I think it is an important right. That is -after all- the reason why it is on the bill of rights. And I support the rights on the bill of rights, not because they are on the bill of rights, but because they are very important, vital even to living free and secure.

I oppose laws that I believe could really help, because I'm afraid that it will never stop, like it didn't in the UK.

Nonviolent chemical warfare ...!?

here's a new one .. as well as some pretty bunk reporting if you ask me.

This article speaks of whalers being bombarded with either rotting butter, or bottles of butyric acid. Now, if they had really been attacked with butyric acid, they would have been forced to abandon ship, so the entire "rotting butter that contains some butyric acid" seems a lot more plausible.
Goes to show exactly what things some people will call "non-violent". Yeah, hurling chemicals that cause slippery floors on a ship on the high seas is perfectly safe ... or not.

The entire "rotting butter" thing also goes to show the half-assed-ness of these protestors. Doesn't every child know that cut up potatoes in a jar of water covered in a layer of oil works way better to make butyric acid? Amateurs ... puh.

And by that, I mean in no way to say that I synthesise dangerous chemicals for a living ... though I did make some stinky ester in the lab a couple of days back ... I just think these "nonviolent chemical attack" people are idiots.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Love's forbidden, so is passion. This whole place is sterilized.

So I watched "the island" yesterday, pretty good cyberpunk if you ask me, but passing that:
They didn't want their sheep (agnates, agnus: lat: lamb) hugging or getting physically close to eachother to make it easier to control them. Keeping them apathic untill the day they are led to the slaughter so to speak.

Today's society is evolving towards that premise in some places today even, Alice Cooper made a song about it back in 2000, "cold machines" from the "brutal planet" album. I like to believe that he's talking about the emotional element of people when he sais "no-one here gets out alive", as the place he's at turns lovers into cold machines, numbing their senses and killing them on the inside.

Eight year old shock rock has now become policy in an american institution, as a school in Mesa Arizona bans hugs that last more than two seconds.
This is the place you send your children to to become healthy adult beings, but it would appear that said school considers showing affection to be ... unhealthy? In bad taste? Unproductive?
Instead of showing affection, are children to become mechanical instruments that carry out assignments with question?

Having children raised by the TV is razing their future, as is wanting them to become apathic machines. It is vital to instill kindness into our children if we want them to turn out right. If anything, the present day should serve us as a warning of what can go wrong when children aren't brought up properly.
If you can stomach the heavier trash metal, Annihilators "plasma zombies" has a great message on the subject of letting electronical entertainment take over the role of parenting. (lyrics)

Scrat, now I need a hug ...

They will never stop!

Once gun control starts, those puching for it will not stop, will not back down until every gun is gone.

The united kingdom is the most industrialised country with highly restrictive gun legislation. These laws were supposedly implemented to curb the actions of criminals, and to safe lifes. Supposedly? Well you see, they failed to reduce firearm violence, it went up!

Now, Scottish politicians are calling for even more gun laws, seeing as firearm fatalities are up 25%! They want stronger and simpler legislation (simpler, allowing a court of law more leeway), they want more restrictions on air guns, replica's are to follow soon.

It won't ever end!

In the meanwhile:
A group of thugs was convicted for kicking a man to death, there was this fatal stabbing of a 30y/o. A kid survived getting shot and in a running child abuse case, a witness to was intimidated. And that's just one newspaper, one day ...

Yeah sure, more laws to keep the general public safe.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gun control debate forum

This looks like it will be a forum where both sides of the discussion are represented.

Please, check it out and put up you thoughts and opinions.

Cop shoots suspect in the back.

A suspect was fleeing away from a police officer by speeding away in a car. The deputy figured that the proper course of action was not to put out an APB on the car, or to persue him, he decided to open fire on the suspect ...

The now-deceased suspect turned out to be a convicted criminal who -according to the involved deputy- tried to run somebody over. Does this qualify as a justified shooting? Even if he did try to kill somebody, he wasn't an immediate treath to anybody when he was shot. Even if he was -say- speeding towards a group of pedestrians, shooting him will not defuse that situation.

Would a civillian get away with this? He tried to run me over officer, so I pulled out my sidearm and shot him through his rear window, it was self-defence. Give me a break! Seriously, shooting somebody, who poses no immediate danger to anybody but himself, in the back!? Here in Belgium, cops get suspended for even just unholstering their weapon on a fleeing suspect!

No disrespect towards law enforcement as a whole, just this one ... this one is a dangerous idiot!

Keep your kids off the streets, send them to school?

It would appear that a ring of burglars was in fact using school as an alibi when they went of robbing. They would "clock in" so to say in the morning during first period, then go out invading people homes, and then come back for last period to submit their names on the attendancy list.

This effectively allowed them to burglarise houses, yet prove that they were at school when those burglaries took place.

If we ever wish to tackle juvinile crime and gang activity, it is vital that we give our children an education and a future. Events like this are despicable in several ways. first of all, this school is clearly failing to keep around, let alone give them an education, if they can't even account for missing students.