Tuesday, March 18, 2008

People on the edge over dull knife.

When a senior citizen was seen carrying a knife into the Licoln Von maur mall, it was closed down fot two hours. Police cordoned off the exits and canvased the area for the man. Someone said a man fitting the description had come to have a knife sharpened ...

I involuntarely giggeled when I read this, but it does teach us more than just a quaint little story. People are taking the possibility of a knife attack serious these days! Must be the gun free zone thing, not expecting an attacker with a gun maybe?
PSH over a 60 year old with a blunted knife, tssk.

Nobody got hurt, no arrests were made, a lot of revenue was lost probably, and the population grows fearful of old people with cooking implements. Well, a mass stabbings have happened before
(in the US and in Japan), so I suppose there is some reson for concern ... but there's being reasonable, and there's this.

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