Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gang members weapon of choice?

In a large operation, Phoenix policemen have arrested over 30 suspected gang members. They also laid hands on several pounds of drugs, Canabis and crack cocaine. They also seized a large amount of firearms.

If we can believe the VPC and the brady campain, assault weapons are gang members weapon of choice, but of the 19 guns confiscated, only one was a rifle. Granted, certain handguns and even shotguns were subject to the AWB, but "assault weapon" usually denotes AK-47 look alikes, AR-15 style rifles and other "Evil Black Rifles"

1 rifle out of 19 guns? Might not actually be an assault weapon too.

Oh well, great job in Phoenix, I always love to read about criminals getting what they've got coming.


Anonymous said...

19 guns is a "large amount" distributed amongst 30 people?

I've got 12 in the room with me all by myself and I'm a lightweight when it comes to gun collecting.

Michael Hawkins said...

It might even be just 18, the articles wording is ambiguous.

And yes, a very poor sampling in regards to the general criminal population.

Anonymous said...

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