Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The effects of gun laws

45superman over at "armed and safe" found a great article concerning exactly what effect gun laws have had in Virginia.

A small excerpt from the blogpost/

Headlam (the "gun-runner") then sheds some light on the "gun show loophole" myth.
They all knew that in Virginia, they could avoid the background checks if they purchased secondhand guns from private sellers - either at gun shows or through the classifieds.

But, Headlam said: "We never bought from any of them. That one-on-one stuff gets too complicated. People want to have a conversation. They get all skeptical. For real, it was less hassle at a gun shop.
The "gun shows are arms bazaars for gang-bangers" myth is starting to get more than a little frayed around the edges, it would seem, with gun traffickers more daunted by the idea of a friendly conversation with a private vendor than by criminal background checks--still proud, Paul?

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