Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cell phone free school zones?

Just finished watching this news video.

The matter at hand: traffic's very bus near a school, with a lot of kids leaving and a lot of parents driving in to pick up their kids. This is hazardous to people on the phone, who are distracted so badly by these little electronic gizmo's that they are rendered incapable of keeping their eyes open!

The response: Let's ban cell phones!

I mean, we could just have people watch where the they are going, put a police officer in charge of directing traffic, or try to create a safer traffic situation, but why do something like that if you can ban something?
Surely, banning an object involved in a couple of "close calls" will make people safer, right?

Newsflash: a bunch of idiots are putting themselves at risk by being not paying attention when in a dangerous situation. Any harm in standing on the sidewalk giving somebody a ring? Surely not. Doing the same while crossing the street, or driving a car, something different entirely.

The problem lies once again with human behavior, not some object.

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