Thursday, March 27, 2008

16 y/o beats man to death ...

Well, it wasn't just one 16 year old, there were four kids skipping school who ganged up and beat a man in a subway station, the man died.

... oh dear ...

what the f┬Ácking hell!?
Where on earth did this come from? Kids skipping school, going out, having fun, beating a man to death and possibly catching a movie afterwards maybe? Seriously, what the hell!

Now I'm not gonna point any fingers at the education system, parents or law enforcement, I'm just going to ask a question in line with the priinal spirit of this blog:

How much worse could this have been if that man would have had a gun?


Badthing1 said...

Hi Michael,

This was indeed a dispicable act on the part of the teens and I feel terrible for the man as well as his now grieving family. :(

I see that the poor man suffered a heart attack during this. Of course until the results of his exact cause of death are revealed, we won't know for certain whether this heart attack was due to a previous heart condition or if it was brought on by this encounter with the teens attacking him. Sigh...terrible...just TERRIBLE.

You ask, "How much worse could this have been if that man would have had a gun?" MY opinion, the scenerio could have gone several ways:

1) The man could have shot one (or more) of the boys, possibly killing one (or more) which would possibly have resulted in the boys' families being the ones who would be mourning the loss of their loved ones.

2) One of the boys could have possibly grabbed the man's gun and shot him, possibly resulting in his death, leaving his loved ones to mourn him.

As someone who believes in the use of less than lethal weaponry for self-defense, I'll choose to believe that if this man would have been either trained in how to defend yourself against multiple attackers by a program developed by an expert in the field by the name of Michael Pace or would have been carrying one of the various excellent products that has been created for such an attack (e.g. Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton or the OMEGA (a blend of CS tear gas & pepper spray), he DID suffer from a heart condition or his heart attack was brought on by the stress of the attack upon his person, chances are great that nobody would have had to end up losing their lives.

Anonymous said...

badthing1, The man should have shot dead all of the boys! No reasonable society would miss those useless hoodlums.