Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cop shoots suspect in the back.

A suspect was fleeing away from a police officer by speeding away in a car. The deputy figured that the proper course of action was not to put out an APB on the car, or to persue him, he decided to open fire on the suspect ...

The now-deceased suspect turned out to be a convicted criminal who -according to the involved deputy- tried to run somebody over. Does this qualify as a justified shooting? Even if he did try to kill somebody, he wasn't an immediate treath to anybody when he was shot. Even if he was -say- speeding towards a group of pedestrians, shooting him will not defuse that situation.

Would a civillian get away with this? He tried to run me over officer, so I pulled out my sidearm and shot him through his rear window, it was self-defence. Give me a break! Seriously, shooting somebody, who poses no immediate danger to anybody but himself, in the back!? Here in Belgium, cops get suspended for even just unholstering their weapon on a fleeing suspect!

No disrespect towards law enforcement as a whole, just this one ... this one is a dangerous idiot!

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