Sunday, March 23, 2008

Current events in the UK

Hello on sunday, here's Michael Hawkins keeping you up to date how the brittish war on guns and knifes is going.
Today is a particulary nasty sunday, I haven't even fully read through the BBC's website and there's already nine interesting stories open in my browsers tabs.

Starting off with a couple of gun incidents, and some mystery.:
Two gunmen opened fire on a pub in what appears to be a random shooting, injuring two people.
They are more fortunate than the man who got shot in the face.
Another man was attacked in an unspecified manner, though it has been said that the attack was "an act of extreme savagery".
Yet another man was attacked in an unspecified way, he is still in critical condition. It wasn't the first time he'd had trouble, his windows had been smashed in on several occasions and he had been assaulted before. The current suspects are out on bail.

Just a day or so ago I wrote of a pertol bomb found in northern Ireland, well, there has now been an attack with a pertrol bomb in Londonderry, targeting policemen.

On to the major portion: knife crime.
An act of domestic knife violence has left a man dead in Essex, another man was stabbed to dead in a London mall.
As a part of the new plan to curb knife crime, Brittish subjects may now be required to pass through a metal detector before taking the tube (subway), while not providing any guarantees, the detectors have succesfully removed hundreds of knifes and other weapons from civillian hands. Similar metal detectors are to be installed in schools, where teachers who previously requested stab proof vests are now finding weapons and drugs in the posession of more and more students.

Obviously, it's bloody well time y'all yanks adapted some common sense gun control laws!

... maybe not.

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