Thursday, March 6, 2008

They will never stop, a different war

I posted how gun control activists will never back down, never cease to push for even more restrictions, the same can be said about those who promote the so called war on drugs.

Banning heroin didn't work out, so acetic anhydride got scheduled too. Banning amphetamines has yet to get rid of them, so pseudo ephedrine, formic acid and methamine have been added to the -you can't have them- list.

Politicians have apparently found a new target for their anti-drug warriors: plastic baggies.
I kid you not, I came upon the story through sayuncle and TaxingTennesee, some one is actually calling out for a ban on small plastic baggies.

Refusing to admit that your venue of passing laws to curb undesired behavior is a well observed pattern of behavior in certain people. Instead of looking for alternative ways of dealing with the "problem", they insist on strengthening their original idea, which didn't work.

Did you know that a lot of coffee makers are illegal under Texan law? The pot is made out of pyrex (borosilicate glass), ownership requires licencing, and the heating element is a hotplate, which requires a licence as well.

How exactly have these laws stopped the availability of illicit drugs? They haven't.
Would you feel better, knowing that criminals can't legally get plastic baggies anymore? I don't.

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