Friday, March 21, 2008

More explosives on Campus.

Once again, a student has been caught tinkering with explosives and destructive devices on campus grounds. Police officers executed a search warrant in a dormatory in Davis California, finding a wide range of chemicals, mixed explosives and materials for making pipe-bombs.

He had "black gunpowder", which probably means store-bought smokeless powder. (blackpowder as used in fireworks is gray) The article also mentions liquids, and information concerning HMTD, which leads me to believe that the student in question has progressed to the lower-intermediate stage of amateur high energy chemistry. More serious than the 12 year old who mants to make "something that goes boom", but with limited knowledge or ambitions.

We don't know this kids intentions, but he did have a finished explosive and material to make a destructive device, so he (and many others) would have been able to carry out a bombing. Even if his intention weren't criminal, his behavior is most reckless! Explosives in a dorm!?
This also teaches us that if somebody really wanted to kill a lot of people, he would not necessairely need a firearm.

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