Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"This is what we use to defend ourselves"

The words of a Mexican policeman, who feels that even his M16 rifle which he is referring to, isn't adequte to take on the drug-gangs.

Some other prieces of his interview can be found in this CNN article, which deals with how Mexican criminals are importing firearms from the US into Mexico to kill police officials.
I find it odd that he believes to be outgunned with "only" an M16, maybe it's th scare of the 50 caliber rifles that are seeping into mexico that are being used to assasinate policemen. Maybe it's the "Fabrique National pistols" that have him scared.

Seriously, what?

Yes, a .50 bullet fired from a rifle will penetrate both car doors and a bulet resistant vest, so will most other rifle rounds. Then there's the "pistols by FN" bit. What is it about these pistols that scares people so badly? Yes, the 5.7x28 was designed to defeat body armor ... when tipped with a high desity round and fired from a P90 carbine.
Such armor piercing rounds are not available to the general public, and neiter are P90's. There's the civillian PS90, but the article mentions pistols, not rifles. A soft or jacketed round from a Five-seveN handgun will do barely any better than an olympic target pistol will do at penetrating a police issue bullet-resistant vest.

Stop yacking about guns, and deal with corruption will ya?

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