Monday, March 3, 2008

Nonviolent chemical warfare ...!?

here's a new one .. as well as some pretty bunk reporting if you ask me.

This article speaks of whalers being bombarded with either rotting butter, or bottles of butyric acid. Now, if they had really been attacked with butyric acid, they would have been forced to abandon ship, so the entire "rotting butter that contains some butyric acid" seems a lot more plausible.
Goes to show exactly what things some people will call "non-violent". Yeah, hurling chemicals that cause slippery floors on a ship on the high seas is perfectly safe ... or not.

The entire "rotting butter" thing also goes to show the half-assed-ness of these protestors. Doesn't every child know that cut up potatoes in a jar of water covered in a layer of oil works way better to make butyric acid? Amateurs ... puh.

And by that, I mean in no way to say that I synthesise dangerous chemicals for a living ... though I did make some stinky ester in the lab a couple of days back ... I just think these "nonviolent chemical attack" people are idiots.

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