Friday, February 29, 2008

Iraqis trade AK47 for M16

The AK is a fascinating piece of work. Very few images are so widely recognised as this "rifle of the people" whis is hailed as one of mankinds best/worst inventions -depending on who you're asking- .

Now, the kalashnikov may be a great rifle, but it's not perfect. While its loose tolerances allow for only the most basic of maintenance, they do wear out and break down. The Iraqi armi uses AK-47 rifles and alike, but those are starting to date back to the 70's now, and are due for replacement.

It shouldn't be a surprice to anybody that America will be supplying the Iraqi armi with M16A2 rilfes and M4 carbines.
This will provide the Iraqis with a weapons platform that is effectively a symbol of the west, as well as binding them to a greater degree to the American presence. I hope they fare well, I really do. I also hope that the fighting will die down one of these days.

Hat tip to the couch /k/ommando's

Closing the castor bean loophole.

Ricin was recently discovered in a Las Vegas hotelroom.
Ricin, one of the deadliest poisons known to men, half a miligram of which can be deadly.
It would appear that somebody in a vegas hotelroom was extracting ricin from castor beans, I don't suppose he had any good intentions.

What struck me was this last bit:
  • "ricin is not illegal to own, but is illegal if processed to be used for poisoning someone."
So ... how long untill the Brady bunch gets their tighty whities in a bunch over this? Their terror loophole speeches are full of "terrorists can get explosives" even though that requires a great deal of background checks in real life, when will they be speaking out against the publics right to own castor beans?

Clearly, these beans are a threat to the general public, a madman might poison a cafeteria or resteaurant, killing dozens! Why aren't they calling for background checks and waiting periods for buying these killer beans?

Maybe that would just be insane, after all: millions of Castor beans pass hands on a daily basis, and never end up killing anybody. It would be madness to come down hard on this food. Guns however, with a 1-in-23000 abuse rate for homicide, maintain their position as fair game for politicians who want to act like they are keeping people safe.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't bring a machete to a biker fight.

So, a group of thugs has been returing to this one club to rob it. They arm themselves with machetes.
The Bingo group told them to be quit in the past, as they couldn't hear the numbers being called. But this time, the robbers picked the wrong crowd to rob.

Two men armed with machetes barged in to find: well over four dozen of bikers, who took up chairs, chains tables and one of the thughs to defend their life and property.
The getaway driver got away, but one robber was hogtied and delivered to the police, another one also fled the scene, but was picked up by police nearby. I suspect it was easy to spot him, as he looked like he'd just been in a fight with 50 bikers.

I do believe "owned" would be the appropriate netspeak word.

Radioactive PSH

I just got back from the lab, we were working with benzyl alcohol, MTB ether, glacial acetic acid and a bunch of other, corrosive, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Now, students in our grade are thought to be responsible enough to handle these chenical in a responsible way. -our teacher did pour one of our beakers down the drain, ficker I still wanted to extract that stuff! :p -
No reason to get hysterical about.

Now, not too long ago small children were actually encouraged to play with chemistry kits, growing an interest in one of the most importatnt sciences in our modern world. That keyboard under your palms? made out of plastic, filled with chemically prepared copper and other metals for example)

Then something changed: and playing with chemistry i suddenly equated to being a terrorist or drug cook in training.

Now, a Scottish school is evacuated because they discover some old radioactive samples used in science experiments.
Seriously, what were you expecting!? If they've been there for over a decade, just sitting there, then just send over somebody witha friggen geiger counter! Don't cordon off the entire area!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Miami Rallies against assault weapons

Citizens rallied against assault weapons in Miami Florida.
People could be seen having a small clash of children chant phrases, at leat a dozen of people can be seen on the video accompanying the miami Herald report.

One of things people called for, was hold somebody other than the criminal accountable for crimes commited with assault weapons.
While I'm not sure exactly how this will curb crime, I'm sure that the organisers would be all to happy to explain it to you, if you call them using the contact info that isn't available.

They also claim that crimes comitted with assault weapons have gone up from 4% to 16% despite the absense of assault weapon legislation, and thus a legal definition of assault weapon which would be instrumental in compiling statistics on the subject.

On another note: you may need to drop your defensive rifle off at a gunsmith asap because it's broken.
According to Gorley, they are nothing more than "killing machine"s. So unless they have killed anyone recently, or they can be played with a record/CD player to reproduce the vocals of Rob Halford, your rifle is broken. Forget about varminting or target practice, it's a killing machine.

Yes that is a heavy metal reference, because I learned to win when I was young, so I'm never ever gonna lose.

I'm being censored again!

This time by a misguided censor who calles himself "riceman", and he's doing so in his post: "we're number one ... in gun deaths"

It's a well known text that has been written and re-written by countless of people with a dislike for gun rights. Start by denying that people who are beaten to death suffer, and that stabbing victims aren't really death, then select a bunch of countries where a lot of people are killed, but not by guns, and you're good to go:

You can now produce a graph picturing the USA as a horribly bloody country, while other countries (generally, only European countries are given much attention) are quit and peaceful.

The errors are huge here: conveniently ignoring people who are killed by other means than firearms is nothing short of dispicable, demagogy f the worst kind, juggling with human life to further a political point and then blaming it all on guns because ... you know, we're only talking about guns, and people who get stomped to death in Europe didn't really suffer as much as when they had been shot.

I adressed this issue in the past:

The murder rate is not a function of gun ownership!
Not pictured in the graph are countries with a REAL homicide problem, Mexico, South Africa and Colombia, their values are0.9 3.8 and 8.6.

the "more guns mean more murder" is only true if you cherry pick you countries. If you limit yourself to the US, Canada, Finland and Yemen, then you can see the homicide rate drop linearly with gun ownership. But if you start taking other countries into account, then you should see that this is not universally true, and guns have very little to do with murder.

I put that little bit in a spotlight with an even earlier post: exploring how many guns are abused?
With an abuse rate of one out of 21 000, it should be clear that it's not the massive amount of guns present, but the people willing to abuse them.

Monday, February 25, 2008

So out walking the dog tonight ...

I saw a crew of suspected burglars get bust.

We're walking the dogs when a police van comes blazing through, lights flashing but no siren. We were slightly puzzeled by this untill we got to the end of the road, where we saw that two vans had cut off a white car, and the van rushing through our street was the last car in a box-in roadblock.

The neighbour who was out walking with me saw a drawn handgun, so the cops must not have been messing around (cops get suspended around for just drawing their gun without good reason)

We walked on, ten minutes later, at the opposite end of the block we found a familliy standing outside their home, saying somebody had just tried to break into their home, and they'd called the cops. They'd seen a white polo flee the scene.

So after assurig those people that our local precinct was on the job, we went home.
Police officers can't be everywhere at the same time, and they can't always get to you in time, but they try! And by times: they are succesfull in catching a predator.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Box of truth features the FN-FAL

When you mention Belgium, most people will associate it with beer and chocolate. Gun enthousiatst however may think of another of our specialties: the design and manufacture of assault rifles that spark hype from the moment the first press release is made public.

Long before the internet allowed for 15 y/o fanboys to get all jumpy about the newest line of futuristic guns that would look neat in online deathmatches, FN was already pumping out one of the most famous weapons of history, the FN FAL.
Almost as well known as the AR15 and AK47, hardly as well spread but respected equally, the FAL is today still, a world class rifle.

The box of truth, old faithfuls site devoted to disspelling firearm myths has devoted a page entirely to this piece of history.
I would like to encourage you to read up some of the site, he's got some mighty interesting information in there!

In America, school be cruel to you!

After lunchroom employees found $180 unaccounted for, they strip searched a pair of minor kids (13) in the middle of said lunchroom. The missing money was later found to have been in it's place all along.
These are police state tactics in a place that should be safe for you children, a horrible invasion in both the privacy and integrity of children by people who are in no way authorized or qualified for it.
Heck, they were incompetent at the job they *were* supposed to be doing in the first place.

Then you've all heard about this on other blogs:
A school indoctrinating children with communism using legos.

And don't even get me started on the ideas that some schools and programs teach children about guns, drugs and sexuality ...

Make sure you talk to your children and teach them what's right, before they're all grown up.

Sebastian on the news.

You've read his blog, heard him on cam&Co perhaos, now you can see Sebastian from pro-gun progressive speak up and explain his case on television footage.

It should be broadcasted a bit harder in my opinion: reporting crime, doing the right thing and beng a good witnedd is "bringing trouble upon youself" by certain government employees. If you don't know why us gun-rights activists strive for liberal concealed carry laws, please take your time to read the story of this man who has invested a lot of his time in trying to clean up his neighbourhood, and was rewarded by vandalised property, death threats and people in a post of power telling him "tough luck".

If you don't believe CCW can work, please read about Labidous story, and how it all turned out.

The Carry of a Concealed Weapon can save lifes, and can increase the safety of an entire neighbourhood. It's not a magical ward against criminal activity, but it's stopped more crime than gun free zones have.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

When gun grabbers run.

Some people can be debated with quite well, regardless of a difference in point of view, they are open to differing ideas, and willing to discuss them.

Badthing is one of those people. Though I do not agree with her, I love commenting on her posts, and I like to read her replies too.
One of her recent posts got a massive amount of replies, a lot of them from "awalk", a typical "I use big words, so I'm more credible than the next person" gun grabber.

So, at the end of over 170 responses, she sais:

  • have a feeling this thread has seen its day. I do want to offer some advice.

    Keep pressure on not let them wiggle out. Stay on the topic of weapons...endlessly.

    Also frame the debate as a full topic covering weapons both large and small. Do not allow them to sink FURTHER into systemic causations making debate harder. The reason why systemic causations are so deadly is that they are hard to address! So when they give very weak causations, drive them back into a debate covering a wide range of weapons.

    They will endlessly - ENDLESSLY- seek to run for weaker causations….so just framing the debate might take DAYS….heck, weeks. Once they have accepted your frame……fire at will at targets in the open.

    Also frame your debate in terms of freedom and rights. For example, arms control is an embrace of the citizen’s right to address their tools when the tools are a method of harm.

    They will eventually break and come out with some of the most freakish things on this planet.

    Also pro-gun supporters often debate in a very structured manner(think armored tank) They endlessly use the same terminology and the same jingoisms, so to speak. For example, how many times have you heard, “guns don’t kill…people kill” or a similar phrase?

    Or the term "Law abiding?"

    New outlooks, terms or methods of debate really hinders their ability (think flexible fast tank killer) For example, the word “causation” really freaks them out. They have not come up with a collective jingoism to address “causation” as of yet. They basically do not know how to handle the term.

    What is a systemic causation?….read the book “Whose Freedom” If you get the book, you will understand the thinking of conservatives on a very fundamental level.

    Or you can email and I will send you a short rendering.

    Good day all……I am off to the wild blue.

    I likely will not be back....I just want to straighten a few things out...and defend a peson who I think is kind hearted.

    best wishes....peace always.

Selected reading:

  • Keep pressure on not let them wiggle out. (...) Good day all……I am off to the wild blue. I likely will not be back
This showcases two characteristics of her kind of "debater". She chickens out when confronted by a seasoned debater (me), after being called out on the factual correctness of her ramblings. She doesn't find the time to address a couple of simple question, but does manage to write a 344 word "goodbye note", and then accuses her adversairies of wiggling out. Hypocrisy at its best.

  • For example, the word “causation” really freaks them out.
When you don't actually have a point to make, use big words and hope the other side (who you all know are uneducated rednecks) will be intimidated.

This is what you're up against: bigoted people who look down upon you as uneducated, single minded fools who know nothing else but to repeat NRA mantras.

Good cop bad cop Detroit

I don't know if I should think of this as funny, but it made me giggle a bit anyways.

A patrol officer was trying to pull a dine-and-dash at the buffalo wings resteaurant, trying to avoid a $75 dollar bill. When confronted by the staff, he pulled rank, identifying himself as an officer before leaving.
He was promptly arrested by other cops.

He's now lost his job and is facing a charge of defrauding an innkeeper.
Serves him right!

I'd like to congratuate all of those law enforcement officers out there who are continuing to do a great job. Both me and other gunbloggers often post about abuses committed by people unworthy of their job, but we realize that they are but a minority, and the majority of all policemen are hardwoking people whose essential work often goes unnapreciated, unnoticed even.

Why it's a good idea to keep tabs on your children

I've lashed out before at the government for acting because "they know what's best for us". The government is not a machine bent on enslaving the population, despite certain elements of corruption or incompetence, they do try to do what's best for us ... or what they believe is best for us.
Now, in no way equating the government-citizen and parent-child relationships, citizens are adults who are expected (sometimes without merit) to be able to take care of themselves and act responsibly.

Children however do not always know what's best for them, and sometimes they put themselves at great risk without knowing it themselves. This is when parents must step up and take action because they should know what's best for their children.
Why the long intro? Because I hate sounding like a hypocrite. I'm not going to tell one group of people to back off even if they know what's best for us, then tell another to take actions because they know what's good for their children.

People deserve privacy, and so do children, but not unlimited privacy. In the case of children, it may prove to be important to keep tabs on your kids internet traffic, as was recently brought to point by this story.

Short version: a 13 y/o attracted the attention of a 22 y/o with her myspace page. Said adult came over and "had sexual intercourse with her without her consent"

Yeh, thirteen.

It's important to keep your children out of trouble, this could mean teaching them to say no to drugs, proper safe-sex procedures or abstinence (good luck with that one), what to do when they come across a firearm.
Keeping quiet about a hazard only increases the risk, so act before it is too late because a ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure ... if there is a cure.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nice mall ya got there ... wanna keep it secure?

A mother and daughter were found dead at the Boca Raton mall, in Coral springs Florida.
This gave rise to the idea that the mall might not be very secure. Fortunately, the police are only a phonecall away!

Well ... not exactly: the Coral Springs police departement is trying to get the mall to hire off-duty police officers as security agents ...

So ... they're suggesting that the mall hire people who are already paid by tax money to keep the general population safe, people who have failed to control crime in the area. Oh right I forgot: the police don't have a legal obligation to keep us safe, so ... we must pay them to do so now?
I do not like where this is going.


the article linked to seems to have dissapeared ... not impossible as it has been quite a while.
Here is another one:
  • “Over the last three years, the police department has dedicated one officer to your property every day, at our expense. In November of 2007, I personally met with mall management to discuss our security concerns as it related to the upcoming holidays. I was assured that Simon Properties would be more than willing to increase the security at the mall during these holiday hours by hiring additional off duty police officers,”
And onother one, largely the same.

Parents prevent fight, are arrested.

Here's another bit for those who think thw US should be more like the UK:

  • Two fathers have condemned the criminal justice system after they were arrested and thrown into a police cell for trying to prevent a fight involving a gang of youths.
(full story)

They didn't peruse the best course of action by placing the two under "citizens arrest", and I can see why they could be charged with assault. It would have been better if they would have informed the police, ideally they would have gotten there in time. Less ideally, a juvinile gang could have been arrested.

On another note: nine months seems an awefully long time to figure out that pressing charges was not in the publics best interest.

Getting better ...

I got pretty sick wednsday, I was running a fever, I was sore all over and couldn't manage to get a decent meal down (what I did eat stayed down, thank god)
I had to attend a lab session at school, spent half an hour inn front of a raging bunsen burner, it felt like I was freezing my rear off.
Fortunately I have fridays off, so I spent a good 20 hours covered in blankets, dozing off, drinking water, sweating like hell.

Anyway: apologies to all of you who logged on yesterday in hopes of catching a new post, I'll try to do better today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And if you ever end up paying one of their "fees" or "taxes" ...

... think: pennies.

When forced to pay $1,700 dollars, a Tennesee man decided to do just that: pay 1700 dollars, as in dollar coins.
Officials got a break though: they were all neatly wrapped up in their original rolls. Having opened up countless of such rolls, it wouldn't have taken me that long to uwrap them all ... 68 rolls at roughly four seconds per role (the trick is to hit them with the long end up against a counter, tearing the paper), I'm confident I could do it in under ten minutes.

Imagine taking a picture of a pet lizard lying on that pile of change :')

The couple is considering using pennies next time.

Keeping illegal things off campus?

The university of Michigans botanical garden was recently found to house several cannabis plants, officuals are shocked. Pot on campus? did hell freeze over or something? who could have imagined that!?

On another note: no matter how illegal you make something, no matter how much money you trow at enforcing a policy of prohibition, no matter how valiantly you fight a war against something, people will always find a way around!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gun thieves steal 7 locked up shotguns.

The guns were all locked individually, and locked up toghether in a cabinet. This didn't prevent their theft.
If you've got some expensive guns and glassware, it would be wise to invest some money in security as well.

Handcuffed woman falls ...

... and ends up with two black eyes, bruising , cuts to her face and two broken teeth!

How could this have happened? The room she was in was being filmed by a camera, should we sheck out the footage? We can't, because the police officer in the room had turned the camera off.

And no, not before the events took place. The woman is seen on camera as she gets rowdy because she is not allowed to make a phone call, our featured "only one" turns off the camera, and by the time it's switched on again, the woman is lying in a puddle of her own blood, and is taken from the scene by medical personnel shortly after.

Hab kein angst, wir möchten dir einfach hilfen.

Gun and Cleaver

A recent event has made it painfully clear that a firearm is no deadlier than ... say, a cooking utensil.
A man killed two women, one of them was his mother. The weapons used: a .357 revoler and a meat cleaver.

A gun ban will not prevent domestic violence and murder, always remeber that.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gun porn.

For all your gun porn needs:

French police goes after rioters

In an attempt to arrest criminals that commited acts of violence during the last riots, over 1000 Fench police officers have executed a massive raid on certain housing complexes in the Paris suburbs, picking up over 30 people and seizing large amounts of cash as well as drugs.

"Massive raid by French Police"
"French police target riot leaders"

People are ciritsing the fact that Sarkozy made a spectacle of this, allowing news crew to document the entire thing.
Me, I love it!

Time should have dawned long ago that this scum had learned that you cannot commit vandalism and arson in an organised way and expect to get away with it! Drug dealers who make life in those suburbs worse than it is should be dealt with just as effectively as the racism that pleages the poorest of the French population.

Sarkozy said he'd "hose the suburbs clean", I hope he keeps this up, I hope he keeps his word.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Details on the NIU shooting.

How does a gunman armed with two handguns and a shotgun only kill six people?
Because they fought back!

  • In the wake of recent school tragedies, students are being told that if a gunman invades the classroom, they're to rush him and hit him with everything they've got, including books, pencils, legs and arms.

    "Getting under desks and praying for rescue from professionals is not a recipe for success," said Robin Browne, a major in the British Army reserve and an instructor for Response Options, the company providing the training to the Burleson schools.

(full acount)

A fellow blogger wrote a very niece peice on the entire subject: I suggest you read through it.

Molotov everything.

Two men are in a critical condition following a petrol bomb attack at their home in County Tyrone.
Oh yeah, guns and knifes are of course the real problem here.

In reply to comments on a recent post, I said:
  • "More guns will not solve this (campus shootings) problem. It's a nice mantra, but armed students won't do jack skite against an arsonist, a school bus bombing or a poisoned cafeteria cooked meal. We need to start caring about the people around us ... or at least make sure they're on their prescribed medication."
Well, somebody actually did set fire to a university building recently, three dorms were evacuated. Imagine a properly engeneered ason attack on a full dorm in the dead of night ... dozens of kids caught off guard in their sleep, fires set across the ground floor, some barricaded doors maybe ...

Why is it that people identify guns as both the cause of these problems, as wel as the solutions? I like guns, I defend gun rights because I think it's an important right and there is no god reason to ban firearms, but I maintain what I said when I started blogging: leave our campusses alone!

T minus 90 minutes ...

Untill Kosovo is supposed to declare independence ...

For great lulz: a song from 9 years ago:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A word from NIU

  • "The lesson to be drawn from this is that it could have been worse if people were not prepared,(link)"

You were prepared?
The gunman had carried out his plan in full, including taking his own life, before you could respond!
You were not prepared!
Your students were at his mercy

MSNBC's narrow mindset

They are running story on College campuses being vulnerable.
"Can we stop it? probably not"

This is engrossing! Jeane Assam stopped a spree killer, so yes: it can be stopped. It can be prevented in some cases, and has been stopped in at least one recent case!
Stop trying to scare people into accepting the lie that we are subject to violent criminals, and defenseless against them.

And this is the same news station that valliantly pushes for more gun control, citing these events to put power behind their (blunted) point! If you don't believe you're saving lives, why are you doing it?

Perhaps out safety is not their concern after all?

Police to tackle violent offenders

Ain't that the title huh?

I live in Belgium, and we have a very peculiar drug legislation concerning cannabis:
While cannabis remains illegal, the justice departement has stated that police forces have more important things to do than spend their time going after people smoking pot. Instead, they get to focus on human-smuggling, Eastern European gangs, violent ciminals and the like. The same goes for courts: Seeing as they are flooded with much more serious matters, a posession charge is not likely to make it to trial.

Brittish police are now getting a similar message: Rather than going after the perpetrators of superfluous "crimes", giving priority to hardened violent criminals over petty thieves and litteres.
  • The measure is one of a number of policies designed to slash rates of serious offending, including rape, gang-related gun crime and knife attacks
So ... you don't need just "common sense" weapon laws, but you actually have to enfoce them too?! Who'da thunkit

Friday, February 15, 2008

On the Illinois shooting

There was another shool shooting recently, this time in Illinois with a total of six fatalities, including the gunman.

Somehow, this is starting to become a "what, another one?" type of event, I started out this blog by stating that school shootings were a very rare event. If the current trent keeps up, that may soon be different.

Moving on: how do people react to this?
There will always be the "it's the guns and the bullets's fault all over again", people profoundly believing that this issue can be dealth with by banning guns. For what it's worth: yes, the removal of guns from societty will rule out these shootings. (note: removal must include law enforcement as well) This will of course not prevent school bombings, or mass stabbings. It also leaves people with obvious mental problems untreated.

Some people (like me) use these tragedies to take potshots at "gun free zones". This has been a very strong trend since the vonmaur mall shooting, where the management removed, and then replaced the gun free zone signs in the wake of the shooting.

It's difficult to say who's right here. If anything, we should recognise that people abusing guns are a real problem that has to be dealth with. We should also recognise that instituting gun free zones does not work.
Maybe metal detectors/a guard at the entrance could have prevented this, maybe he would just have been the first victim, but that would have sent out ample warning to evrybody in the vicinity as well, buying them time to escape.

Could an armed person inside the lecture hall have stoped the threat? Jeanne Assam did a pretty good job in her Colorado house of worship, would the same be possible here? I do believe that in the time someone could shoot over 20 people in a single room, a teacher would have been capable of returning fire.

If not saving lifes directly by preventing additional people from getting shot, this would at least allow paramedics to get to the injured victims immediately upon arrival at the scene with the threat removed. It won't be long untill one of these deranged kids figure out that they can triple the body count by holding emergency response away from the injured in a few hours worth off standoff before commiting suicide. That issue is at least as real as the threat from .50 rifles IMO.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Tazers are not an alternative for guns"

Hat tip to Sear and hammer for linking me to study saying:

Tazers don't reduce shootings.

Sorry badthing, sorry all you other proponents of less than lethal weapons for police and/or civillians, they just don't work.
What caught my attention?

  • Taser use has expanded to include subduing resistant subjects who do not pose a threat of grievous bodily harm or death and on whom the use of lethal force would not be an option.
aka: torture.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guns on KETV

Ketv just ran a story about Nebraskas concealed carry law and gun free zones.

They spend a lot of space on a local gun rights proponent who teaches people firearm safety, and who criticises the complexity of the gun law, which changes upon crossing city limits amongst others.

They also published what we've long posted about gun free zones:

  • "When you post an area and say that it's a gun free zone, what in fact you're doing is making a victim-zone, "Gun Free Zones" give criminals an unfair advantage."It does give the bad guy free reign that the building is secure, that they are not going to be challenged by anyone inside,"

It's refreshing to see a news station give the world our view on the story, and top it off with encouraging people to read into gun free zones, learing about their flaws, or learning how to start their own if they dislike the idea of guns on their property.

Deputy dumps paraplegic on the floor

One Brian Sterner was arrested at his houseon a charge of fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer, this despite the fact that he stopped for police on the cited day and even got a traffic ticket right there on the scene.
Upon his arrival at the police station, a deputy told him to stand up, yes, one of our finest told a paralysed man bound to a weelchair to stand up ... I can only wonder what kind of reply he was expecting to get.

Obviously erger did not comply, to the great aggravation of the deputy who decided that the best course of action would be to lift up the rear of the weelchait, and drop down mister berger like he were a sack of potatoes dumped from a weelbarrow.
No that is not an innapropriate comparison, that is exctly what you can see on the footage found here.

What the hell?
What is wrong with that power-tripping bastard!?
I hope they consider his actions a hate crime!

Think no knock-warrants are bad?

Police use JCB backhoe to ram into cocaine lords house.
That's right, a backhoe. They had to tear down the wall surrounding a multi-million house to swarm in.

Gotta give 'em Brittons credit: they got what they came for, seizing drugs, firearms and arresting criminals.
I think the use of a "mechanical digger" was appropriate in this came, but I certainly hope this does not become commonplace. Imagine the red tape if they'd get the address wrong ...

more from the BBC.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Criminals obeying gun free zone laws.

There were two criminals today who left any guns at home and instead took a sharp weapon with them to commit their violent felonies.

One assailant stabbed a woman multiple times in the parking lot of a San diego mall. The attacker has been arrested and the woman will recover. Another felon stabbed a security guard after being caught stealing. The guard promptly responded by shooting the criminal three times.
The guard will survive, the shoplifter won't ever harm anybody again.

What does this teach us?
Guns or no guns, violent criminals are a menace to society. Both of the victims were very lucky to be in the good condition they're in, a knife wielding attacker is most likely of all assailants to seriously injure you according to the US department of justice.
Law abiding citizens aremed with an effective weapon are capable of stopping violent criminals in their tracks.

Concealed carry can save lifes, but please, be responsible with your piece. Learn how to handle it safely and lawfully, attand as many courses (Government sponsered, NRA, private, ...) as possible, get off your duff and get some range time with your carry rig.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Toddler shoots mom.

Mommy is napping, toddler crawls about and finds a handgun.
The gun is discharged and the woman is shot in the mouth, but is quickly released after threatment in a local hospital. Full story.

This is a though one. Somehow I even doubt if this really was a firearm. A shot in the mouth can very well only cause superficious damage, but it still strikes me as odd. Maybe it was a blank fireing gun, or an airsoft/pellet gun.
Either way: this is highly irresponsible behavior! Did she leave a readies gun lying around? Maybe it was her "carry gun", and she dozed off ... either way, it is not excusable! She is lucky she herself was the only victim of her stupidity, I hope the kid doesn't get any permanent hearing damage.

For the love of god: If you choose to keep guns around the house, take care to handle them in a safe and responsible way. If you go to sleep, either keep the gun on your person, or in a decent retention holster. Don't leave a round in the chamber of a DA autoloader, or a SA with an external hammer. Screw the safetym those are designed to be disengaged easely, and children can do so easely. Racking back the slide however is an entirely different ordeal.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Open war has been declared

This is not a gun-related post.
I'm writing this tidbit because I think these current online events are interesting to say the least. I am not involved with anonymous or the church of scientology.
If you're not interested in the war on scientology, please skip over to my previous post concerning juvenile felons being killed during the comission of a robbery.

The "anonymous legion" has openly declared war on the church of scientology by staging protests in front of their offices worldwide, headlining frontpage news in Australia with a massive turnout (more than 150, pretty impressive for a casual internet group) and being mentioned in the news across the globe.

Sky news video.

This in suit of weeks of online -denial of service- attack, crank calls and letters containing white powders, anonymous seeks to draw attention to the atrocities committed by the church of scientology, expose Tom Cruise as a douche. In reality, they are -of course- doing it for the lulz.

Project chanology, youtube account.
In their code of conduct, anonymous issued clear direction in regards to lawfulness and proper conduct. This is commendable in my opinion.
  • I am not affilated with any website that houses anonymous, but members of their forums do frequent a site which I moderate, and probably this blog as well.
  • I endorse the lawful actions taken by anonymous to oppose the church of scientology.
  • I endorse people excersising their right to freedom of speech.
  • My thoughts and opinion on the less-than-lawful actions carried out by anonymous are reserved to myself, and I will not comment on them, or openly applaud them.

Save us from the children.

I just found a story that brings back memories. A 14 year old kid was recently shot during the comission of a robbery (i.e. he was robbing somebody at gunpoint when his victim drew his own weapon and shot the agressor), this happened to a 14 year old before, and to a 17 year old.

These events are about as common as school shootings: A monor who cannot legally buy or even own a gun gets one illegally, and uses it to commit armed robbery or even rape, and ends up getting shot by people defending their life and/or property.

These are some of the children the Brady cmpaign talks about, screaming for you to surrender your gun rights "to save the children". Maybe it should be: "to save you from the children"
After all, if not for guns, these kids couldn't possibly be so dangerous right? The 17 year old maybe, but not the ones under 15!
So hear this: For the benefit and safety of all children, it should be made illegal for minors to legally buy guns! ... no wait ... aww crud!

What makes them tick?

  • "Rampage killings have an important common thread of someone seeking notoriety. Someone who feels they are a failure, who had high expectations for themselves, and sees the attention that these shooters get and says, 'I can get that.Somebody will care about my manifesto. (Welner)"

With the recent shootings in mind, some accademics have sat down to ponder "why did they do it?"
There have been different shootings, all of which carried out by unique people with their own thoughts and motives, so it is not likely that there is just one factor. Some killers have actually left recordings behind explaining their actions, though not always can one make sense of them.

Big bear has written a piece on this subject too, blaming peoples despair, warining us about a possible depression. Though with a different apreciation, we have similar views of the future economical landscape, and I agree with him on this subject: If the government/corporate world fails to provide the people with a fair chance of happyness, we are very likely to see more people driven over the edge in despair.

ABC recently ran a story about this very subject, interviewing forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner who hopes to shed some light on the mindset of these killers. One of his statements was very intersting:

  • "Mass homicide is a crime that can be completely eliminated by the press, teachers, parents and society. If we take the incentive of attention out of it, we can eliminate it"

This does of course call for a definition of "mass homicide", but I think he gets his point across.
Others have siad so before me, we have to stop giving these sick (unhealthy, ill) people what they want: fame. Don't broadcast their manifesto on national television! Don't get people to feel sorry for them, or fear them, have people forget them. Make sure any copycat knows that he too would be forgotten, not even a footnote in history.

Also: Cousel people! Get an anger management class into the curiculum, get people to vent their excess emotions in a contructive way, or teach them how to confront people they are in conflict with in a non-violent way. Don't tolerate bullying or a cult of defiance, don't allow being rebelious to be cool.
Once upon a time, being rebellious meant attending concerts of a man dressed in womans lingerie picked out by his wife, singing that he wants to rock. Joining the world in collective denial when Rob Halford denied the need for parental guidance was "bad" as well.

Have you taken a look at popular culture these days? Amy Winehouse is nominated for six Grammys, but has been denied a US visa, likely because of her rampant drug/alcohol abuse, if not for the deviant behavior of her manager and significant other. What message are we sending by nominating her for half a dozen of awards?

What is a mass killing?

There's been a spate of "mass killings" recently. Quotation marks because of a couple of remarks on just those words. I just wrote a bit on a female student who killed two of her peers before killing herself. I find it difficult to call this a mass killing, she took out two -possibly predetermined- people. that's a murder suicide, but comes nowhere near the deathcount of Cho's rampage at Vtech, or McVeighs bombing in Oklahoma.

I don't mean to say that these events weren't serious or not horrible; there is probably a much more profound personal element at play which makes this casse something entirely different than a "kill as many unknown stragers as possible" scenario.
Likewise, I don't think that a robber who kills people resisting during his crime, or killing potential witnesses can be filed under the same label as Robert Hawkins, who killed eight people unknown to him in hopes of gaining immortal notiority.

These are both most horrible events, and I will make no attempt to judge either one as being worse yet than the other, I just mean to say that the words "mass killing" are being tossed around too much these days.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Getting beaten, stabbed and shot is just part of growing up.

No seriously, the winner of Brittains "X-factor" (idol) said in an interview with cosmopolitan:

  • "Most of my friends have been shot, stabbed or beaten up. ... Not so much the girls but the guys. All my friends have been in trouble. It's part of being young in London."
That Cabot Guy can claim all he wants, I do not want any country to try to be more like the UK!

Much worse than knowing that violence is prevalent, is accepting it! Never just accept the fact that there's violence, oppose it, fight back! Testify and see criminals to jail, invest in education and welfare, invest in the future.
Don't just say: "Oh well, there's a 10% chance of getting assaulted out tonight, those odds are acceptable". Don't take your money into dangerous areas unless the local businesses take measures to ensure you safety. clean up you own neighbourhood like Sebastian has been trying to do in pigtown.

Crime must be fought, and never tolerated!

Three dead in campus shooting.

All school shootings are unique, this one stands out as well.

A young woman made the decision to target and kill two of her peers before taking her own life in a classroom of the Baton Rouge campus of Louisiana Technical College.

CNN article

There's a couple of things to be said about these events. Having a gun did facilitate murder in this case, that's one admission that must be made. It should also be equally clear that a person who is determined to kill two other human beings, and is then both will and capable of taking her own life, is likely to find a way -any way- to do so.
Women don't usually go for knifes or blunt implements, but she could have run them over, or tried to poison them just as easely as she could have broken "gun free zone" legislation.

If we want to save more lifes, how about anger management classes in the curiculum, how about encouraging people to vent their anger in a way that doesn't harm others? Today, people are encouraged by social standards to "keep it in", not to trouble people with their pain and grievances. Then, this is merely reaping what we've sewn.

Friday, February 8, 2008

video games normalize killing.

Violent video games have often been in the spotlight, often blamed for violent behavior of children. I've written a couple of posts on the subject as well.

Now, a new article by Omaha's KETV7 boasts that Indiana School of Medicine researchers put one (1!) brain scan of a kid who played a violent game next to one (1!) scan of a kid who played a non-violent game, and they noticed differences! (insert streak of hysteria here).

Yes, video games can trigger a physiological response, so can aromatherapy! And from the sound of it, these researchers didn't exactly go above and beyond themselves to find out exactly what happens to a population exposed to violent video games.

Be weary of false prophets, and scientists on a political mission!

That Cabot Guy, still up to his old tricks.

It started when he'd run out of venom to spit at the gunfacts file, having adressed approximately half a percent of it.
Only days after I blogged about the current state of the UK, he released his own post.
Both of the articles we cite use the very sane study, his just uses a different way of processing data.

Which one is right?
Well, he's got two lines of comment, me, I have a couple of lengthy posts, dealing with the terrible situation in the country, a comprehensive post on how Londeners aren't any safer, a little refresher of how many children got killed in 2007, as well as a myriad of other articles about the UK.

Having refused to allow my follow-up response, guy has now shifted to calling people racists, as can be seen in the edited author of the last reply in his post "Comment by FeroVeritas-Certified Racist — February 6, 2008 @ 4:15 pm"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reflecting upon the Brady standards.

The Brady campaign to prevent gun violence recently released score cards, awarding points to states that passed certain gun laws.
From the Brady campaigns blog over at the huffington post comes this little obseration by 1will:

  • While looking at the Brady State Scoreboard I couldn't help but notice a few trends.
    It seems like all of the catagories are aimed at law abiding citizens. There are restrictions on what kind of gun you can buy, how many, how big, where you can carry and whether or not you have to register it.
    Not one catagory is based on laws aimed at criminals. There are no manadatory sentencing laws for gun trafficking. There are no Project Exile type laws or Repeat Offender laws aimed at gun using felons. There aren't even catagories regarding how well my state tracks violent offenders or gang members. All of the catagories on the Brady State Scoreboardl target law abiding citizens, their rights and gun manufacturers.
Emphasis mine.

Closing the hunting rifle loophole.

Hat tip to days of our trailers:

The Violence Policy center has started to go after common hunting rifles. Oleg Volk was one of the many who predicted it:

  • "But all we want to ban are assault weapons and Saturday Night Specials," say the gun-grabbers. "Your deer rifle and you pheasant shotgun are safe." They do not tell you that your sniper rifle (formerly known as the deer gun), your big-bore streetsweeper (aka hunting shotgun) and your Dirty Harry death machine (target revolver) are next. When you read or watch news, look out for loaded yet meaningless phrases like cop-killer bullet, deadly automatic high-power assault pistol, and the like. The sound bytes are nonsense once you think about what they really mean, but not everyone questions what the news tell them.

The VPC is moving against "intermedate sniper rifles", you know: bolt action rifles between .22lr and .50 BMG, also known as hunting rifles which were previously considered sporting.

Let's face it: a rifle which can put down a deer, or even a coyote in a consitantly painless manner is almost guaranteed to be able to kill or significantly injure a human. This doesn't change the fact that these weapons are vastly under-represented in the guns used by criminals lineup.
Run a search on my blog (search engine to your right) and look up "guns used in crime", you should find the study by the departement of justice as well as my take on the matter.

Hunting rifles are highly prevalent, but hardly ever used in crime compared to handguns. This doesn't seem to matter to the VPC, they wich to ban them both.

First they came for the deviants ...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Safe storage law through Denver senate.

The Denver senate backed a law that would require gun retailers to hand out warnings about properly storing firearms (already mandatory under federal law), the same warning must be posted at the entrance to gun shows.
The bill would also hold parents accountable if children got hold of their guns and used them to kill themselves or someone else. It's primarely aimed at suicide prevention. There are however a lot of exemptions such as chilren using firearms in self defence or for hunting.

I believe that responsible storage of firearms is an important issue, and I would support this legislation if I wasn't convinced that the "slippery slope" story were true. I also wonder how this law would apply if a minor burglarize your home and stole one of your firearms.
I think it's also a bit lowly to punish a parent a secod time after losing a child to suicide.

A nice video can be found here, along with a brief article.

Mother sues the government over strangeled daughter.

How catch and release may have resulted in the rape and murder of an innocent girl.

Though catch and release may be a bit inflammatory, I stand by it. The prison system allowed a criminal who was obviously not rehabilitated back out on the streets on parole. He was supposed to be kept track of, but wasn't.

Fast forward to today: A mother who has lost her daughther and blames the federal government, filed a suit naming the Department of Justice and U.S. Probation and the Pretrial Services Program.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Free gun locks in Omaha

In an effort to promote gun safety, Law enforcement officials are handing out free gun locks in Omaha.

"Free gun locks are available at police departments in Bellevue, Papillion and La Vista. They are also available at the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office, the Gretna City Hall, and the Sarpy/Cass County Department of Health and Wellness."

The article speaks of locks which obstruct the chamber, so none of those worthless trigger locks either. The locks in question are muck like padlocks with a long, flexible cable, allowing you to feed the cable through the mag well and out of the ejection port of a handgun, rifle or shotgun.
The locks actually obstruct the action of a firearm, and also allow the gun to be secured to a ring r other structural object.

If you're elegible to get one of these, by all means go and get one!

A quick reminder:
External trigger locks are worthless! They do not obstruct the action and thus often still allow the gun to be loaded and fired. They do not make it any harder for a criminal to steal the gun either.
For some quick advice on safe storage, please read my previous blog entry on the subject.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The right to own a bazooka

A karikatural cartoon of gun legislation and gun control:

Be sure to read all fours.

Soldiers rampage, injure five.

... to be responsible with the power it's trusted with.

Here's a little story about a gang of 20 UK soldiers on a "rampage" in Cyprus. Five people were injured and a lots of property was damaged.
It's not very difficult to find US equivalents.

I'm not saying that the military cannot be trusted, considering the large amount of abusable weapons they have access to, soldiers can indeed be considered safer than civillians.
It's the idiots with a "holier than thou" attitude that I have a problem with. Just because somebody wears a uniform, swears an oath and stays on a government payroll, doesn't pu him above human behavior.

Their are honest, hardworking civillians who are perfectly able to control themselves. There are also criminals, idiots, and morons with a short fuse. The people are a minority present in all layers of society and in all occupations, including police and military.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blue blasting on blue

Two police officers were wounded during a shootout ... with eachother.
Doesn't get any more confusing that this I suppose, waiting to hear what the hick happened.

Fortunately, we can trust police officers to net get into any firefight in the open streetsm in broad daylight, putting innocent bystanders in harms way right?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Baltimore Bus Beaters off the hook.

A spate of people involved in the attack on three victims that left one woman with a serious injury on an eye are having charges filed against them dropped.
This leaves only six to be held accountable for the attack.

The right to keep and bear tazers under fire

After having a long history of abuse and misuse by police officers dating back to the Rodney King beating, as well as spates of unintentional fatalities (three here) and even more cases where the devices were used to obtain complience (i.e. torture), Anapolis lawmakers are critisising the public posession of tazers.

Don't worry, it's all for your safety!

People injured in various ways.

It was a particulary shocking day to a lot of Americans today.

A twelve year old accidentally shot another teen when playing with a gun. This is an obvious case of gross negligence on accaount of the owner of the gun.
Try telling the schoolgirl that was stabbed seven times with a pair of scissors in her school hallway that she was safe there.
One man attacked a couple of hikers with a bat, and a middle aged man managed to impale himself ...

I can't believe the world today ...