Thursday, February 28, 2008

Radioactive PSH

I just got back from the lab, we were working with benzyl alcohol, MTB ether, glacial acetic acid and a bunch of other, corrosive, toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Now, students in our grade are thought to be responsible enough to handle these chenical in a responsible way. -our teacher did pour one of our beakers down the drain, ficker I still wanted to extract that stuff! :p -
No reason to get hysterical about.

Now, not too long ago small children were actually encouraged to play with chemistry kits, growing an interest in one of the most importatnt sciences in our modern world. That keyboard under your palms? made out of plastic, filled with chemically prepared copper and other metals for example)

Then something changed: and playing with chemistry i suddenly equated to being a terrorist or drug cook in training.

Now, a Scottish school is evacuated because they discover some old radioactive samples used in science experiments.
Seriously, what were you expecting!? If they've been there for over a decade, just sitting there, then just send over somebody witha friggen geiger counter! Don't cordon off the entire area!

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