Friday, February 22, 2008

Nice mall ya got there ... wanna keep it secure?

A mother and daughter were found dead at the Boca Raton mall, in Coral springs Florida.
This gave rise to the idea that the mall might not be very secure. Fortunately, the police are only a phonecall away!

Well ... not exactly: the Coral Springs police departement is trying to get the mall to hire off-duty police officers as security agents ...

So ... they're suggesting that the mall hire people who are already paid by tax money to keep the general population safe, people who have failed to control crime in the area. Oh right I forgot: the police don't have a legal obligation to keep us safe, so ... we must pay them to do so now?
I do not like where this is going.


the article linked to seems to have dissapeared ... not impossible as it has been quite a while.
Here is another one:
  • “Over the last three years, the police department has dedicated one officer to your property every day, at our expense. In November of 2007, I personally met with mall management to discuss our security concerns as it related to the upcoming holidays. I was assured that Simon Properties would be more than willing to increase the security at the mall during these holiday hours by hiring additional off duty police officers,”
And onother one, largely the same.

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