Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't bring a machete to a biker fight.

So, a group of thugs has been returing to this one club to rob it. They arm themselves with machetes.
The Bingo group told them to be quit in the past, as they couldn't hear the numbers being called. But this time, the robbers picked the wrong crowd to rob.

Two men armed with machetes barged in to find: well over four dozen of bikers, who took up chairs, chains tables and one of the thughs to defend their life and property.
The getaway driver got away, but one robber was hogtied and delivered to the police, another one also fled the scene, but was picked up by police nearby. I suspect it was easy to spot him, as he looked like he'd just been in a fight with 50 bikers.

I do believe "owned" would be the appropriate netspeak word.

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