Friday, February 29, 2008

Closing the castor bean loophole.

Ricin was recently discovered in a Las Vegas hotelroom.
Ricin, one of the deadliest poisons known to men, half a miligram of which can be deadly.
It would appear that somebody in a vegas hotelroom was extracting ricin from castor beans, I don't suppose he had any good intentions.

What struck me was this last bit:
  • "ricin is not illegal to own, but is illegal if processed to be used for poisoning someone."
So ... how long untill the Brady bunch gets their tighty whities in a bunch over this? Their terror loophole speeches are full of "terrorists can get explosives" even though that requires a great deal of background checks in real life, when will they be speaking out against the publics right to own castor beans?

Clearly, these beans are a threat to the general public, a madman might poison a cafeteria or resteaurant, killing dozens! Why aren't they calling for background checks and waiting periods for buying these killer beans?

Maybe that would just be insane, after all: millions of Castor beans pass hands on a daily basis, and never end up killing anybody. It would be madness to come down hard on this food. Guns however, with a 1-in-23000 abuse rate for homicide, maintain their position as fair game for politicians who want to act like they are keeping people safe.

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