Sunday, February 10, 2008

Open war has been declared

This is not a gun-related post.
I'm writing this tidbit because I think these current online events are interesting to say the least. I am not involved with anonymous or the church of scientology.
If you're not interested in the war on scientology, please skip over to my previous post concerning juvenile felons being killed during the comission of a robbery.

The "anonymous legion" has openly declared war on the church of scientology by staging protests in front of their offices worldwide, headlining frontpage news in Australia with a massive turnout (more than 150, pretty impressive for a casual internet group) and being mentioned in the news across the globe.

Sky news video.

This in suit of weeks of online -denial of service- attack, crank calls and letters containing white powders, anonymous seeks to draw attention to the atrocities committed by the church of scientology, expose Tom Cruise as a douche. In reality, they are -of course- doing it for the lulz.

Project chanology, youtube account.
In their code of conduct, anonymous issued clear direction in regards to lawfulness and proper conduct. This is commendable in my opinion.
  • I am not affilated with any website that houses anonymous, but members of their forums do frequent a site which I moderate, and probably this blog as well.
  • I endorse the lawful actions taken by anonymous to oppose the church of scientology.
  • I endorse people excersising their right to freedom of speech.
  • My thoughts and opinion on the less-than-lawful actions carried out by anonymous are reserved to myself, and I will not comment on them, or openly applaud them.

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