Monday, February 18, 2008

French police goes after rioters

In an attempt to arrest criminals that commited acts of violence during the last riots, over 1000 Fench police officers have executed a massive raid on certain housing complexes in the Paris suburbs, picking up over 30 people and seizing large amounts of cash as well as drugs.

"Massive raid by French Police"
"French police target riot leaders"

People are ciritsing the fact that Sarkozy made a spectacle of this, allowing news crew to document the entire thing.
Me, I love it!

Time should have dawned long ago that this scum had learned that you cannot commit vandalism and arson in an organised way and expect to get away with it! Drug dealers who make life in those suburbs worse than it is should be dealt with just as effectively as the racism that pleages the poorest of the French population.

Sarkozy said he'd "hose the suburbs clean", I hope he keeps this up, I hope he keeps his word.

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theotherryan said...

Wow law and order. What a novel concept.