Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm being censored again!

This time by a misguided censor who calles himself "riceman", and he's doing so in his post: "we're number one ... in gun deaths"

It's a well known text that has been written and re-written by countless of people with a dislike for gun rights. Start by denying that people who are beaten to death suffer, and that stabbing victims aren't really death, then select a bunch of countries where a lot of people are killed, but not by guns, and you're good to go:

You can now produce a graph picturing the USA as a horribly bloody country, while other countries (generally, only European countries are given much attention) are quit and peaceful.

The errors are huge here: conveniently ignoring people who are killed by other means than firearms is nothing short of dispicable, demagogy f the worst kind, juggling with human life to further a political point and then blaming it all on guns because ... you know, we're only talking about guns, and people who get stomped to death in Europe didn't really suffer as much as when they had been shot.

I adressed this issue in the past:

The murder rate is not a function of gun ownership!
Not pictured in the graph are countries with a REAL homicide problem, Mexico, South Africa and Colombia, their values are0.9 3.8 and 8.6.

the "more guns mean more murder" is only true if you cherry pick you countries. If you limit yourself to the US, Canada, Finland and Yemen, then you can see the homicide rate drop linearly with gun ownership. But if you start taking other countries into account, then you should see that this is not universally true, and guns have very little to do with murder.

I put that little bit in a spotlight with an even earlier post: exploring how many guns are abused?
With an abuse rate of one out of 21 000, it should be clear that it's not the massive amount of guns present, but the people willing to abuse them.

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