Sunday, February 17, 2008

Molotov everything.

Two men are in a critical condition following a petrol bomb attack at their home in County Tyrone.
Oh yeah, guns and knifes are of course the real problem here.

In reply to comments on a recent post, I said:
  • "More guns will not solve this (campus shootings) problem. It's a nice mantra, but armed students won't do jack skite against an arsonist, a school bus bombing or a poisoned cafeteria cooked meal. We need to start caring about the people around us ... or at least make sure they're on their prescribed medication."
Well, somebody actually did set fire to a university building recently, three dorms were evacuated. Imagine a properly engeneered ason attack on a full dorm in the dead of night ... dozens of kids caught off guard in their sleep, fires set across the ground floor, some barricaded doors maybe ...

Why is it that people identify guns as both the cause of these problems, as wel as the solutions? I like guns, I defend gun rights because I think it's an important right and there is no god reason to ban firearms, but I maintain what I said when I started blogging: leave our campusses alone!


Anonymous said...

I'll reiterate my point here for those that did not read it at Marko's: How is it any skin off anyone's teeth if Marko or Don or anyone else carries a concealed handgun? Because of what they MIGHT do with it? If so, then we must ban flammable liquids, and fertilizer, and laundry detergent. And lighters and matches. How about sticks? Someone may sharpen those......

There will always be guns. If you could wave a magic wand, and they all disappeared, the technology to build more would still exist. Crude revolvers can be made in an average machine shop by anyone willing to break the law and willing to learn how to do it. A machine pistol like an UZI or M-3 grease gun would be technichally less challenging. Hell, inmates have made zip guns INSIDE prisons!

There will always be bad people. There will always be crazy people. There will always be guns. There WON'T always be a cop around to protect me and mine. I'll be there though, and so will my gun.

Michael Hawkins said...

I don't mind people carryig a gun on campus at all! I'll gladly pack one too if it ever gets legalised were I live.

What I'm saying is: once there is a sufficient amount of students start carrying defensive weapons, mass killers will switch to different means.