Sunday, February 24, 2008

Box of truth features the FN-FAL

When you mention Belgium, most people will associate it with beer and chocolate. Gun enthousiatst however may think of another of our specialties: the design and manufacture of assault rifles that spark hype from the moment the first press release is made public.

Long before the internet allowed for 15 y/o fanboys to get all jumpy about the newest line of futuristic guns that would look neat in online deathmatches, FN was already pumping out one of the most famous weapons of history, the FN FAL.
Almost as well known as the AR15 and AK47, hardly as well spread but respected equally, the FAL is today still, a world class rifle.

The box of truth, old faithfuls site devoted to disspelling firearm myths has devoted a page entirely to this piece of history.
I would like to encourage you to read up some of the site, he's got some mighty interesting information in there!

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