Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good cop bad cop Detroit

I don't know if I should think of this as funny, but it made me giggle a bit anyways.

A patrol officer was trying to pull a dine-and-dash at the buffalo wings resteaurant, trying to avoid a $75 dollar bill. When confronted by the staff, he pulled rank, identifying himself as an officer before leaving.
He was promptly arrested by other cops.

He's now lost his job and is facing a charge of defrauding an innkeeper.
Serves him right!

I'd like to congratuate all of those law enforcement officers out there who are continuing to do a great job. Both me and other gunbloggers often post about abuses committed by people unworthy of their job, but we realize that they are but a minority, and the majority of all policemen are hardwoking people whose essential work often goes unnapreciated, unnoticed even.

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