Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Miami Rallies against assault weapons

Citizens rallied against assault weapons in Miami Florida.
People could be seen having a small clash of children chant phrases, at leat a dozen of people can be seen on the video accompanying the miami Herald report.

One of things people called for, was hold somebody other than the criminal accountable for crimes commited with assault weapons.
While I'm not sure exactly how this will curb crime, I'm sure that the organisers would be all to happy to explain it to you, if you call them using the contact info that isn't available.

They also claim that crimes comitted with assault weapons have gone up from 4% to 16% despite the absense of assault weapon legislation, and thus a legal definition of assault weapon which would be instrumental in compiling statistics on the subject.

On another note: you may need to drop your defensive rifle off at a gunsmith asap because it's broken.
According to Gorley, they are nothing more than "killing machine"s. So unless they have killed anyone recently, or they can be played with a record/CD player to reproduce the vocals of Rob Halford, your rifle is broken. Forget about varminting or target practice, it's a killing machine.

Yes that is a heavy metal reference, because I learned to win when I was young, so I'm never ever gonna lose.

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