Monday, February 4, 2008

Free gun locks in Omaha

In an effort to promote gun safety, Law enforcement officials are handing out free gun locks in Omaha.

"Free gun locks are available at police departments in Bellevue, Papillion and La Vista. They are also available at the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office, the Gretna City Hall, and the Sarpy/Cass County Department of Health and Wellness."

The article speaks of locks which obstruct the chamber, so none of those worthless trigger locks either. The locks in question are muck like padlocks with a long, flexible cable, allowing you to feed the cable through the mag well and out of the ejection port of a handgun, rifle or shotgun.
The locks actually obstruct the action of a firearm, and also allow the gun to be secured to a ring r other structural object.

If you're elegible to get one of these, by all means go and get one!

A quick reminder:
External trigger locks are worthless! They do not obstruct the action and thus often still allow the gun to be loaded and fired. They do not make it any harder for a criminal to steal the gun either.
For some quick advice on safe storage, please read my previous blog entry on the subject.


theotherryan said...

I think that gun locks and the broader access issues are something of a catch .22 if ur gun is locked in a gun safe with ammo stored seperate and u might as well not own one but at the same time u can't have them ling around loaded all the time. The level of access that is acceptable for ur situation depends a lot on u living situation. Kids or other unauthorized users mean more control is needed.

Yuri Orlov said...

The local Police department here gives these cable locks away like candy. I've personally gone in and picked up a half dozen at one time and they didn't even blink. And yes, I had/have guns to put them on.