Monday, February 25, 2008

So out walking the dog tonight ...

I saw a crew of suspected burglars get bust.

We're walking the dogs when a police van comes blazing through, lights flashing but no siren. We were slightly puzzeled by this untill we got to the end of the road, where we saw that two vans had cut off a white car, and the van rushing through our street was the last car in a box-in roadblock.

The neighbour who was out walking with me saw a drawn handgun, so the cops must not have been messing around (cops get suspended around for just drawing their gun without good reason)

We walked on, ten minutes later, at the opposite end of the block we found a familliy standing outside their home, saying somebody had just tried to break into their home, and they'd called the cops. They'd seen a white polo flee the scene.

So after assurig those people that our local precinct was on the job, we went home.
Police officers can't be everywhere at the same time, and they can't always get to you in time, but they try! And by times: they are succesfull in catching a predator.


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