Saturday, February 9, 2008

Getting beaten, stabbed and shot is just part of growing up.

No seriously, the winner of Brittains "X-factor" (idol) said in an interview with cosmopolitan:

  • "Most of my friends have been shot, stabbed or beaten up. ... Not so much the girls but the guys. All my friends have been in trouble. It's part of being young in London."
That Cabot Guy can claim all he wants, I do not want any country to try to be more like the UK!

Much worse than knowing that violence is prevalent, is accepting it! Never just accept the fact that there's violence, oppose it, fight back! Testify and see criminals to jail, invest in education and welfare, invest in the future.
Don't just say: "Oh well, there's a 10% chance of getting assaulted out tonight, those odds are acceptable". Don't take your money into dangerous areas unless the local businesses take measures to ensure you safety. clean up you own neighbourhood like Sebastian has been trying to do in pigtown.

Crime must be fought, and never tolerated!

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