Sunday, February 10, 2008

Save us from the children.

I just found a story that brings back memories. A 14 year old kid was recently shot during the comission of a robbery (i.e. he was robbing somebody at gunpoint when his victim drew his own weapon and shot the agressor), this happened to a 14 year old before, and to a 17 year old.

These events are about as common as school shootings: A monor who cannot legally buy or even own a gun gets one illegally, and uses it to commit armed robbery or even rape, and ends up getting shot by people defending their life and/or property.

These are some of the children the Brady cmpaign talks about, screaming for you to surrender your gun rights "to save the children". Maybe it should be: "to save you from the children"
After all, if not for guns, these kids couldn't possibly be so dangerous right? The 17 year old maybe, but not the ones under 15!
So hear this: For the benefit and safety of all children, it should be made illegal for minors to legally buy guns! ... no wait ... aww crud!

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theotherryan said...

It is sad when kids get killed but if the path they choose is violence then the chances of a violent death get high.