Friday, January 18, 2008

The children they talk about ...

You know, those poor children touched by gun violence?

Here's Jose McCay, aged 17, probably another honor roll student, who took a handgun into a small bussiness, in an attemt to rob it, and sexually assault a woman working there.

He is accused of of armed sexual battery, two counts of armed robbery and armed kidnapping, and the victim -who I take has had a good look of his face- has identified him as the culprit.

Being 17, McCay cannot legally buy a modern rifle or handgun, not can he legally own either, according to the Brady campaigns "stategunlaws".
Guess he wasn't all too concerned about that "laws" part huh?

Know one thing, if that woman would have defended herself, and the poor kid had died during the commision of those 4 felonies, he would have been added to the list of "child victims of the rampant Florida gun-worshipping rednecks".


S&H said...

Yep. And his family would be on the TV crying and telling everyone what a good kid he was and how he was on his way to making his life mean something after a life of difficult circumstances. Then they'd talk about how the lady behind the counter just "gunned him down" and he was trying to get money to feed his family.

What's worse is that the Brady's will add this to their list of "handgun crimes" and "gun violence".

theotherryan said...

The whole thing with handgun crimes and gun violence are that they are crimes. A gun is a tool and if people use them in a crime then lets address the crime and by default the criminal instead of looking at the evils of inanimate objects.