Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bomb offered for sale ...

Another law enforcement success story.

Staying withing the "sting" scene, undercover police forces were hoping to crack down on copper theft when they initiated operation meltdown in San Jose California. Little did they know of the catch they were about to make.

Sure enough, people started dropping off stolen copper at the "recycling business", but that wasn't all. Dozens of guns were sold as well, and one man ever tried to sell the officers explosive devices which can be activated by a cellphone.

There's a couple of important lessons to be learned here:
Law enforcement officers are often hard-working man and women, who can do a real good job!

There are plenty of guns out on the street, on the criminal market. They weren't even trying to go after guns, so even with it's very harsh gun legislation, Californian ganglands are still riddeled with firearms.

Explosives are available as well. I've been over this in the past: the internet is full of information concerning the manufacture of explosives and explosive devices, some of which is accurate.
Just like banning drug related chemicals has proven to be a daunting task, banning explosive chemicals and their precursors will be nigh-impossible. Doesn't keep them from trying.

One thing that bothered me, one of the officers involved said that every gun taken was lives saved ...
I went over this before as well, one out of 21 000 guns taken of the street doesn't save a life, but hey, it's the thought that matters. This was an avtual buyback that worked!

to be noted: this post will be labeled under "PRK" for geographic reference, and does in no way mean any disrespect to the officers involved in this succesful operation.

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theotherryan said...

It is good to know that all the anti gun legislation is keeping Kalifornia safe. I think the only neighboring state which could approach its crime rates is Arizona and that is much more divided (safe and unsafe areas). Oregon and Nevada have relatively loose gun laws (both class III states) and much lower crime rates. Golly Gee I wonder what that could mean?