Friday, January 25, 2008

less than lethal torture caught on tape.

I wish I could fill my blog with the exploits of police officers who are valliantly fighting crime and saving lives. Unfortunately, that would be a very one-sided part of reality.

There are cops, and other people who work for the justice system who abuse the poer and trust bestowed upon them by the public they are supposed to serve. Very recently, a lawsuit was filed by a Californian who claims he was tortured march 2006 in Orange county jail for 20 minutes, which was caught on tape. The torture would include being restrained, beaten and shocked with a tazer.

According to the LA times, they had to taze him because he was resisting, and by resisting they apparently mean being tied to a chair, and convulsing as a result from being tazed.

I have little good to say about these people ...

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theotherryan said...

I think tazers are starting to be more of a liability then an asset. I know a guy who was tazed repeatedly while being arrested for no reason (charges were almost immediately dropped). The first 2 times he was tazzed were overkill but when he was on the ground handcuffed if a cop can not control him (a very average sized guy) then that person should not be a cop. It seems like this issue was much more extreme and clear cut. The cop (s) involved in this incident need to go to prison for a very long time and the department needs to pay this fellow lots of money.