Friday, January 25, 2008

Disgusting Brittish deceit.

The independant is sporting a "crime at a 27 year low" headliner. To suit reports that there were 28 gun crimes every day, a 4% increase in gun crime, figures were released suggesting that violent attacks were down, and so was crime as a whole.
The independant does admit that gun crime -the most horrndous and so much worse than all other, according to gun control proponents- is on the increase, as well as drug related crimes, which fuel a large amount of street violence. It's no wonder that prominent figures have said that Londeners don't feel any safer because they aren't.

The exact wording goes:
"Police in England and Wales dealt with 1,240,800 offences in July to September last year, a fall of 9 per cent on the 1,359,100 reported to officers in the same period in 2006."
Emphasis mine.

A large portion of all criminal activity is in fact reported, despit the "stop snitching" mindset. But not long ago, police had to admit to not investigating 39% of all crimes, that was just before that "all time low" period ended. That's right, they're using figures from a period during which they explicitly confessed to dealing with only 61% of the reported crime.
So adjusting that figure: (1240800/(1-0,39) we get 2 034 098 crimes, a 49% increase!

Do not let this cross the pond!

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theotherryan said...

Statistics do not lie but liars use statistics.