Thursday, January 17, 2008

Labidou is off the hook.

What do you mean who? Labidou, the real life equivalent of Oleg Volks "Gun control is racist" posters found on his site.

Let me refresh your memory:
(My post concerning the entire event)
He wasn't harming anybody, sitting in his car driving to wherever he was going, when two white men approached his vehicle, one armed with a blunt object. They shouted profanities and racial slurs, threathened with violence and attempted to drag him from his vehicle.
Labidou shot his attackers, one of which died a few days later.

The Florida sun sentinel now reports that no murder charges will be filed against this man. There simply is no factual reason to charge him with such criminal offence.
He acted in slef defence, and is let off the hook.

When confronted with people who are not rational, with whom you cannot reason and who only wich to "snuff you out", it may be necessairy to use deadly force in protection of your life. This right doesn't dissapear if you happen to be black. It might have been better had the man floored the gas pedal and driven off, but his actions were -IMHO- perfectly justified!
(Besides, I hink they'd blocked the path of his truck, he couldn't just take off.)

What if he had taken off?
Somebody who is clearly bent on beating you to dead, or at least seriously damaging your physical integrity and likely permanently messing you up, won't just give up. They'll find another victim, another easy prey who this time round may very well be unarmed and at the mercy of the now ever more infuriated thugs.

They would have gotten to somebody else, but a law-abiding citizen, who has the law on his side, prevented them from doing that.
The surviving thug may be off to prison for 15 years, good riddance. He's going to be very popular once the prison population finds out what he did to end up there.

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theotherryan said...

It makes my day when lawful citizens of ANY color protect themself from criminals and do not get messed with by the police.