Friday, January 4, 2008

Teenagers playing with explosives, one fatality

WLWT reports:

A couple of kids thought it would be fun to costruct a pipe-bomb. They use a pound of pyrodex as the charge, pyrodex is a brand of modern firearm propellant*, this is available over the counter across the union, policy regarding sales to minor vary.

So they take it out back, and try to blow up a wooden model house, knowing little of the horrors of shrapnel. A piece of debris travelled 110 horizontal feet before striking and killing one of them. Kids just don't realize what kind of horrible hazard shrapnel is, it traveles at enormous speeds and -unlike bullets- the pieces are irregular, warped and razor sharp. Even a small piece can cause severe high velocity larcerations.

If you don't believe me, you can take a look at the following images. Beware: these are EXTREMELY graphic, horrible to look at and will climax to a picture that has sent people scrambeling for a toilet at the end of the page.
The consequences.

That very last picture is what happens when a pipe-bomb goes of in your vicinity, the investigators of the case at hand say that the kids pipe-bomb was poweful enough to destroy a car. I have a hard time believing that a single pound of propellant could do that, but it could certainly tear somebody to shreds as seen on the consequences page.

Now, people try to tell me that there wouldn't be so many, if any mass killings without guns, they say that no other kind of weapon can be so destructive, efficient, brutal. I know they are wrong. They say that preventing the insane and the criminal from getting firearms will render them harmless, and render me safe. I know that is wrong.

People who are full of hate and/or rage WILL find a way to hurt other people. If that means learning how to manufacture an explosive device, than that they will do.

*the article sais that pyrodex is a black powder substitute, it should be noted that blackpowder (no space) is an entirely diferent substance, wich is ironically gray. It's called blackpowder because the inventor, a german monk, was named Schwarz (black in German),


The Duck said...

Well they really were not kids the one killed was in the Navy ROTC,
They had been warned by the police before, & the one killed was in on the building of the pipe bomb

Yuri Orlov said...

To add to your excellent post:

Even if sales of firearm propellants are restricted it's possible to make crude, but effective explosives from stuff you can buy at Wal-Mart. Black powder has a very simple formula and can even be made with sugar instead of sulfur if it is unavailable. Trust me when I say the homemade stuff works just as well, for criminal purposes, as the commercial stuff. The aim is to terrorize, kill and maim after all, not precisely move a specific quantity of hillside.

Criminals will and do turn to other weapons if the normal ones are restricted. I think I'd rather be shot or stabbed than blown up any day. I'd have a much better chance of surviving.

And now for some CYA, least someone get the wrong idea (it's happened before). I have never, and will never be involved in criminal activities like I describe above. I'm merely pointing out the obvious.