Monday, January 28, 2008

Molotov everything.

Two firebombs were used in an attack against a texas tax service office today.

The article is a bit odd. They start off by saying the entire mell was nearly destroyed!!!, only to follow up with the remark that the fire was neatly contained in a small area, and that damage was minimal.

Now, I don't mean to spread PSH myself, but we should recognise how much worse this could have been. Setting fore to a crowded building is a serious offence, and puts the lives of dozens at risk. Fortunately the attacker(s) wasn't all too capable of pulling off his plan, but this could have been much worse tyhan the average shooting.

And that's a painfull little fact. Shooters have accumulated dozens of deaths in a spree killing at times, but that's nowhere near the body count of an arson attack against a sports stadium or movie theathre. Unfortunately, there are currently no laws prohibiting/preventing criminals from buying goods like gasoline, soap, weedkiller and other components to powerfull incendiary devices which cannot be combatted by conventional firefighting tactics.

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