Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The infamous works "bomb"

After the previous gratuitous refrence to a templar meme, I bring you: A pair of real life idiots who constructed what is commonly known as a "works bomb"

In an attempt to get back at a bully, two kids constructed such "destructive device" and tossed it at his house. Being idiots, they failed to construct a device that actually worked. Later a postal worker handled the device, and -perhaps by agitating the mixture contained- was exposed to the corrosive product previously contained within.
The poor man sufferd from chemical burns and had trouble breathing, which is what's to be expected.

"They were very foolish to do this, but felt they had no other choice because they were being bullied by this individual"
-the assistant DA

They manufactured a destructive device, attempted to cause damage of property, left said device unattended and failed to inform the proper authorities after it had failed?
They also involuntairely but still- disrupted the postal service (felony!) and clearly committed reckless endangerment.

If they don't understand the reprecussions of their actions at ages 15 and 16, they will not learn at a later age. Prosecute them as minors if you must, but don't tell me you're gonna go easy on them! Teach them some respect for the law and the safety of others before it's too late.


theotherryan said...

That is rediculous. I can not see any reason not to charge them. I think that charging teens as adults should be reserved for truely heinous crimes but they should have atleast until their 18th birthdays in the can to think about their foolish actions.

DoobieEx said...

It's PROSECUTE not persecute. Persecute has an entirely different connotation than the former in english..

Michael Hawkins said...

Thanks for pointing that out