Tuesday, January 22, 2008

... they stood and watched a child get stabbed to death.

Sear and hammer was recently sporting a poster reminding us of the grim end that fate had planned for Kitty Genovese.
People remained idle, unwilling to take a risk to save another human being. She paid the price for our collective apthia with her life.

This is not something of the past, a teenager was stabbed to death outside of a school yesterday, another kid was wounded in the attack which is believed to be gang related. This happened out on the street in clear daylight, and what does the article read?

"Horrified shoppers looked on as the two youths were attacked yesterday ..."

They looked on ...

*deep breath*

Does the artice read how they made an attempt to phtograph the assailants?
No, they looked on
Did they make an attempt to break it up?
No, they stood by
they let it happen ...

Would the same thing have happened if two or three of those shoppers would have been carrying concealed defensive handguns? Quite sure that those who weren't would be far more willing to grab a cellphone and shoot some footage.

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