Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another passive security measure defeated.

Impact glass, laminated glass that is, has been hailed as a great way of keeping house safe from hurricane damage as well as criminals. However now it would seem that criminals have found a way to defeat this passive security measure.

By beating a small hole through the glass pane, they insert a metal wire to open the window, according to Andy Scalese from ADT Security. He calls a homeowners reaction to get a defensive weapon extreme, and instead advices more of his companies passive security measures, such as alarms that go off when a window is being battered, motion sensors and outdoor lighting.

Personally, I'd rather that a burglar be repelled by a motion activated sprinkler system, kept out by a steel cored door, anchored firmly into a section of concrete wall, denied entry by shutter-covered polycarbonate windows and videotaped by a motion activated camera as he enters my property. But all of those measures are horribly expensive! At least compared to a home defence gun. Doesn't require a subscription to a security company, doesn' cease to function when there's a power failure and doesn't have to be pried loose (which should be hard if the security measure are decent) when you move.

You can carry a defensive firearm most everywhere you go, and although it's not a magical tailesman that will ward of people of bad intent, it'll surely beat being empty handed should the need for self defence ever arise.

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theotherryan said...

For every move there is a counter. It works the same in chess, jui jitsu and home defense. Laminating glass windows to make them shatterproof is not fool proof but it is still a big bang for your buck. Passive security measures are great and should be part of any well rounded home preparadness program. At the end of the day some way (I prefer firearms but that is a very personal decision) to protect yourself and loved ones until backup can arrive is essential. Good post.