Monday, January 14, 2008

80% of the offenders walk out of court as free citizens

Hello and welcome back on the other side of the pond, the marvelous and peaceful, nigh gun free Europe!

First off: my best wishes to the Irish man who had his hand cut off by a sword in dublin. Hope you regain use of it.

Secondly, More than 80% of all thughs found carrying knifes aren't locked up, at all. With almost 9000 of them being released to pose a hazard to the population last year, politicians are planning to set up a zero-tolerance system for people caught carrying knifes in certain high crime area's. Offenders would be sent to court to get off the hook, rather than having no charges filed against them at all! All of this is happening against a background of prisons ready to burst open due to overpopulation.

Mr. Brown also lashed out at the video game industry.
"I don't want to censor you, but I don't want you to have publish any characters wielding knifes in your games" (not the exact wording)

In other news, after confirming year after year, for three years in a row now, that fake samurai swords in the hands of criminals pose a large threat to the public, Brown is taking action to ban hunting knifes.

That was all for today, now if you excuse me, I'm going to dig up my passport.

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