Friday, January 18, 2008

Wooden swords to be locked up.

A brittish drama group has seen itself obligated to store behind lock and key: two plastic cutlasses, six wooden swords and a toy gun, in order to fulfill the new regulations imposed on all of Brittains subjects concerning such items.
A "responsible guardian" must also be appointed to watch over these props.

This is all part of the crowns plan to curb street violence.

Do you feel safe already?


theotherryan said...

Well armed societies are much more civil then unarmed ones. Criminals will have weapons regardless of that the law says. The ability of lawful citizens to protect themselves inside of the law is probably the biggest single characteristic of peaceful societies.

Anonymous said...

that explains the middle east...

also look at the united states, right to bear arms AND the highest rates of violence in the developed world, does that sound like a peaceful society?

Michael Hawkins said...

Where did you get that idea?

South Africa has a much higher crime rate than the US, and less guns in civillian hands. There are other countries with high civillian gun ownership (such as Norway) with a crime rate that's far below our)

I looked into the entire matter, and I found that there is no correlation between gun ownership and homicide. It is clear that the percentage of guns used to kill people will be higher when guns are prevalent, but reducing gun ownership has not reduced the homicide rate. Point to prove: the UK, new Zeeland, Belgium, the District of Columbia.