Tuesday, January 22, 2008

non-violent video games harmless?

Okay, this is becoming little bit of a side-track to my main blogging, but this does fit into the line of posts concerning video games.

Many people have said that violent video games are a hazard to our children/society, many -including myself- have hailed the qualities of non-violent video games. But here's a little bit of a shocker: the dangers of non violent video games.

Playing a game of simulated tennis on your nintendo Wii, it's fun, nonviolent, and gets you a little excercise, that's great right?
Not so great it would appear.
People have reportedly suffered injuries after playing for extended periods of time, including neck and shoulder trauma. It should be obvious that the games themselves are not to blame. After all, would you start a fitness regimen by sprinting for five hours on a daily basis? That would also be harmful, but doesn't mean that sport is unhealthy.

Video games should be enjoyed in moderation, regardless of their (violent?) content; playing them for ten hours straight, that's just being plain silly!

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