Monday, January 28, 2008

Police officer killed with her service weapon.

"We targetted the guns used by gangs to kill police officers"
Paraphrased from Carolyn McCarthy

It's common belief amongst gun rights activists that police officers are most likely to be shot to death with their own service weapon.
I don't currently have the proper reports on hand to verify that, but I believe it is plausible, as that is a gun that is present in every shooting of a police officer.

Recently, a law enforcement officer was shot several times with her own weapon after confronting a man believed to be involved in a rape case. The ended up in a scuffold which endured for seven minutes, the suspect got a hold of the gun and shot the officer to death.

This is a very serious event, and my hearth goes out to the people this brave woman leaves behind.

I think it should also be noted that banning guns will in no way keep officers from being shot to death with legal guns, think about that the next time a police chief calls for gun control to keep his finest safe from hunters, target shooters and people concerned for their own safety and the well being of their family.

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The Duck said...

You know some anti's will cite this shooting, as a reason for gun control.