Thursday, January 10, 2008

Londoners aren't any safer

Last year, 27 teenagers were killed in London, the count is already up to 2 (nation) this year! Politicans have sofar been eager to blame guns (to be noted: the imminent ban on guns that don't work)

In a recent debate, politicans blamed a myriad of factors, such as violenceon tv and in video-games, but mainly the lack of respect and morals in the current violent portion of this generation.
They're recognising that there's a gang culture and cult of violence that needs to be adressed, that they need to start focusing on these children before it's too late.

A nice quote in my opinion: "The reason Londoners aren't feeling any safer is that they aren't any safer."
Or as I would say it:
The past policy of demonizing gun owners and self defence advocates, citing people for superfluous "offences" while failing to investigate serious crimes commited against them and improperly persecuting the criminals that you did catch, despite the misapropriation of police resources and a complete failure to tackle the violence culture in the cities which is hurting the youth you have failed to provide with a future has been a complete failure and utter disgrace!

Point to illustrate: David Cameron warns the union that crime is becoming a celebrated occupation. Bullies drive poor children to suicide at school, if they don't then the bus driver will and yet another teenage kid who's fighting for his life after being repeadedly stabbed. One guy who stabbed another man 80 times took the time to pose next to the corpse for a picture! At this rate we'll hit five teenage fatalities before months end!

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