Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gangs are bad

Spare me the "yeah, and water is wet" remarks on this one.

I think it's a very important evolution to go from "guns are the leading cause of death, and must be banned which will result in increased safety across the union" to: "Organised violent criminals are a danger to society"

Last year there were 37 teenage fatalities by teenage attackers, this came from 12 in 2005. This tripling is being blamed on "youths getting sucked into the knife and gun world", a.k.a. gang culture. (yes, a gun shop with a knife stand now qualifies as a gang congregating spot, but I digress)

The article by the telegraph is exhaustive enough to give you a good idea on the failing of this administration, I suggest you read it if you want some debating ammo for stateside discussion.
One interesting claim is that a quarter of all gun crime is committed by minors. Interesting to say at least, with gun crime on the rise one could extrapolate that gang culture has wrought that increase, unstopped by a bunch of teens.

That's right, teenagers are bypassing some of the most draconian and restrictive gun legislation the continent has seen since the second world war!

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