Saturday, January 19, 2008

Early release inmate assaults, blinds elderly woman.

A man who has previously been convicted and sentenced to serve 18 months after being indicted in an assault where somebody was kicked to death was released early from prison. He "helped the assault" but had spent enough time behind bars prior to his conviction to be released shortly afterwards.

So now, back on the streets again (no reference to saxon), he demands that a 60 year old woman give him a cigarette. She refused, and he beats/kicks the living daylights out of her, stomping her face repeadedly. She suffered severe trauma to her face, needed surgery to release pressure from her brain, got multiple metal plates inserted into her head, and lost the full use of her sight: she has been blinded on one side.


Seriously, if you can bring yourself to savaging a poor old lady like this, you do not deserve to walk the streets. Lock him up and keep him fed with water and bread untill he himself is 60.
Used to be a time when scum like this "fell overboard" while getting shipped of to Australia, these days he'll probably ... og srew it, I'll get upset after I hear the final sentencing, which will almost certainly be far too light. The current sentence? "at least" three and a half years. The judge didn't think early release would be likely this time ...

And you still haven't run off to prey to the white porcelain idol, here's some words from the victim:

"I've had kids breaking my nose, making fun, trying to set fire to my house..."

Oh yes, guns and fake swords are obviously the problem ...
Read all about it here.

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