Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teenager mutilated with battle axe

I'm ... I'm not even going to comment on this ...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bombing plot foiled.

On this side of the pond, a man was convicted to seven years in prison for activities relating to a terrorist plot:

  • A jury was told that the physics graduate, who had also studied chemistry, attempted to make bombs using nitrocellulose, fertiliser, white spirit and acetone, and had made handwritten notes stipulating the design of the devices.

What? I don't know which fertillizer exactly, but Nitrocellulose and (I can only guess) ammonium nitrate are far from practical explosives by themselves, and getting the resources to detonate ammonium nitrate plasticised with nitrocellulose (which is what the acetone is for) is no simple feat!

So I read on:

  • "It's true that the materials you in fact had were so inferior, so third rate, that they would not themselves have made a viable bomb.

    "But the fault was with the quality of materials and not in the concept.

    "If you had developed this concept into a working bomb, there would have been great potential for destruction, injury and death."

Not so conforting after all ...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No post for you!

After spending over ten hours at the playgrounds I had to attend the mandatory "meeting" ... it's eleven o clock and I'm burning up here, so no post for you today.

I'm just going to stroll about my blogroll and enjoy a nice glass of award winning JP Chenet medium sweet (2007) before turning in and getting rested for another day of looking after children in the blistering summer heat for no money.

Aint volounteering grand?

On the brighter side, a new kid dropped by today, and he's coming back to pick up the great time he had but couldn't take with him! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

"My son got bombed"

The words of a mother whose son was hit with a piece of shrapnel from a home-made explosive device. A neighbour tried to build a pyrotechnic device (a fountain if I get this correctly), unfortunately the middle aged man is a complete idiot who doesn't know the first thing about pyrotechnics safety ...

A metal casing ... what was he thinking ... no, he wasn't thinking!
Uhng, this really gets to me, I can only feel horribly sorry for the kid and his familly.

Now, as for the ability of people to manufacture explosive devices "like IED's straight out of Iraq", I've said it before and I'll say it again: the internet is full of information, some of which is accurate. Can you imagine the damage one could do if he had bad intentions and the ability to learn?

What's the point of carrying a gun in a national park?

Any questions?

Originally published by Theo Spark.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Current events in the UK

Welcome all to the gun debate critic on Sunday, as I glance at the other side of the pond and see if the UK is starting to become a peacefull utopia yet. Just a quick glance this sunday:

Starting off with the hint of mystery, a man was killed in a street attack, cause of death undisclosed.

Two people were stabbed but will likely live, another man was stabbed to death. Two others were injured, one of them a 17 year old. Another mas was stabbed with a broken bottle, I can only assume that after the obviously succesfull laws concerning knives, we'll now be seeing the outlawing of glass bottles as well.

A man was shot to death in London and a woman set a van with an acetylene cilinder on fire, acetylene is a highly explosive gas.

Nope, not quite there yet ...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fox attacks woman, man shoots fox, and wife.

A fox attacked a woman, to the great displeasure of the womans husband.
He came out with a .22 rifle and shot seven times at the critter, killing it but also injuring his widfe in the leg.

  • Be sure of your target and what is behind it
  • shot placement is everything, aim!
Stay safe.

another fatality that doesn't count?

A man was beaten to death by three teenagers. According to some, it is "swapping" if I dare to say that this poor woman is as dead as if she had been shot. Today I'll step further.

The victim endured a long and painfull attack by a gang of attackers before suffering some more in a hospital bed. I do dare venture to say that being shot in the head would be considerably less horrific.
Then again, since she was not "murdered by a gun" her death will not be considered a tragedy (or rather, a fundraiser occasion) ad this is all supposed to make us feel better?

A rose by any other name, death by any other cause ... the flower blooms as beautiful on the grave dug just as deep.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Should I be flattered?

Awalk is back and going strong, putting up a rather large amount of words about how he percieves "pro gun" people to debate.

Should I be flattered? If anything, I'm baffeled ... more than a full (IRL) pages worth of writing, and not a single link!? It's my fault really ... no seriously, such behaviour should have ceased to surprise me ages ago.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No less than torture

Tasers were supposed to be an alternative for guns, to be used to prevent serious injury or loss of life while not greatly injuring the initial agressor.
Soon however, tasers were being used to force compliance, torture people into obedience. Once a gain, a sworn officer of the law has used a taser to such an excess that a man has died.

Details? The victim was HANDCUFFED ON THE GROUND, he was shocked nine times ... not to excess? He may have died before being able to endure the last two! And the lawyer defending this policeman claim this is standard procedure ...

At least the guy got fired and the death was ruled a homicide, but I doubt this murderer will be facing a lot of hard time ...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

post may be coming in late

I'll be volounteering at the local supervised playground for two weeks, posts may be later than usual, or absent.

Monday, July 21, 2008

not so gun free after all?

A post master was shot in a post office, which we all know to be "gun free", which means to say that only law enforcement and criminals have guns in those places. Criminals like the man who shot the postmaster twice with a shotgun, police officers who weren't at the scene to protect her.

Not a sneer at law enforcement there, not at all! They cannot be everywhere, and if they could, I for one would not want them too. These fine men and women probably had something better to do than post as armed guards in a small town post office. I can only guess this was one the rare occasions that their presence had actually been warrented in that place.

Gun free zones, still aren't.

And ... two blasts from a shotgun, but she lived to call 911? Shot placement is still everything, and fortunately, the attacker wasn't a good enough marksman to kill his victim. I doubt this will do much to the familly she leaves behind, but at least the police have got a head start in finding her attacker and bringing him to justice.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Current events in the UK (updated)

Welcome back to the gun debate critic on sunday with this weeks events in the UK.

Starting off with this weeks teenage victims of violence
  1. A young woman was found murdered in what apperas to be an isolated event. The manner of her death is yet to be determined.
  2. A sixteen year old boy was stabbed downtown, he himself will likely survive and his assailant is in custody.
  3. A thirteen year old boy was beaten in a robbery, but is doing alright.
Northern Ireland authorities are planning to be even more severe in the face of knife crime, having all but doubled the penalty for carrying a knife.

After last sundays post, two men were stabbed at a music festival. While one will survive his woulds described as "horrific", the other one has passed away at the hands of an attacker who is yet to be found. Another man was stabbed and seriously injured along with a girl who suffered minor injuries. A man was shot to death in Dublin, the second shooting fatality in 24 hours.
Showing that robbers don't restrict themselves to guns and knives, four men armed with sledgehammers carried out a brutal robbery of a jewellers.

Now for some good news! The elderly man who confronted a gang of louts (obnoxious, anti-social scum for y'all yanks) has been cleared of charges by a jury of his peers

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday off ...

I'm taking the day off, but as to not leave you empty handed, here's a vid with the fastest "draw from concealment" you've ever seen:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blood for oil!

Now in a package that even the most liberal tree hugging hippie can embrace!
Give blood, get gas.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guns at work ...

There's been some devellopment in the Henderson workplace shooting that left six people dead.
The shooter did not have a gun with him that day, know that and remember it.

He had an arguement with his supervisor before going home and returning half an hour later with a hi point .45 handgun. He used this gun to shoot and kill six people, reloading in the proces*.
Some of his victims were caught off guard and "executed", others tried to run. Some of the runners made it, others were gunned down.

None of these people fought back, most of them died ... seriously, if this ever happens to you, at least hurl a chair at the guy to cover your retreat (and the retreat of others).

I support the right of people to keep a gun in their car as if it were their home, I also support the right of people in posession of the required licences to carry a firearm on their person where the owner of the premises allows for it. I don't know if the owners of the plant would have allowed CCW, but if they had, this might have been an entirely different post alltogether.

*Let this, in addition to the Virgiania tech shooting serve as proof that spree killers have no probem reloading their weapons of small capacity.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

shot placement is everything

This story dates back to the 29th of novermber 2006.

A man armed with a .45 caliber handgun ambushed and fought law enforcement personell who arrived oin their cruisers. One of his first shots woulded an officer in his cruiser, his injuries in combination ith him wearing a seatbelt prevented said officer from returning fire. Multiple of his colleagues did however. They ended up firing 107 rounds of .40 speer gold dot and .223 (from m4 rifles) at their attacker, and still he lived to fight back!

It was not for a lack of hitting him! his left arm was shattered by one round, he took multiple hits to the torso and abdomen, 17 hits in total. This does amount to less than 16% accuracy, which is a different can of worms. Point is, if you shoot an attacker 17 times, should you not be allowed to reasonably expect him to be inanimate?

Law enforcement personnel had to struggle with the man to get him in cuffs!

No, he was not under the influence of drugs, fact is, and it sais so in the end of this report:
  • Determined individuals can sustain many gunshot wounds in areas that produce great pain and continue to fight a long time, even without the aid of drugs or alcohol.
  • Shot placement is everything in a gunfight
    and always the key to stopping a threat

A couple of points I'd like to push through here about magazine restrictions:
  • 17 shots is almost twice the rounds that you can have in a gun in California.
  • the criminal reloaded his gun from a box of cartridges!

Now that you know this, go out and buy a FAL!

"The worst killing we'd ever seen"

Over in California a woman was killed by her husband. He stabbed her to death with a sword as her children stood by.
Now he is on the run, and is claimed to have a gun ...
So, a man who has access to a firearm prefers a bladed weapon over said gun? Quite counterintuitive, no?

On another note, 911 was called almost immediately after the attack, police got there in time to collect the murder weapon the killer had left behind, and to draw the chalk outlines around the expired victim.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Accidental death at the range

A senior citizen was fatally wounded while attending a skeet shooting tournament in California. Police say the shooting was accidental, the article by KCRA3 sais the gun "accidentally discharged" without providing further details. Accident or negligence? The muzzle *is* supposed to be facing a safe direction after all.

The club where this happened has been entertaining marksmen for 58 years, and now this happens ...
My heart goes out to the people who survived this man

Recreational shooting is one of the safest sports in existance, but there are still risks involved and negligence can kill! Don't get lazy, don't get careless never compromise on the four rules, never! Don't allow these things to happen.

Monday, July 14, 2008

An american icon torn down?

Over here in Belgium as well as in the US, the takeover of Anheuser-Busch is headlining news. It sure is an important bussiness matter as well as a significant event for beer-lovers. American beers will now find their way into Europe (and Russia, south-america ...) much easier. European beers will be more available to the US.

But have we, Belgians, taken down an American Icon?

Interviewed Americans in Belgium didn't seem to think so, they love the beer, not the fact that it's American. I might add that us Belgians have had some very bad experiences with attempting to uproot a beer from its native region, fear not; it's most unlikey we'll ever try that again, bush will stay in the US.

Even then, is there an American icon gone now that it isn't primarely under American ownership?
Is a browing machine gun any less American now that the Herstal group "owns" Browning? Doesn't the name Winchester not still inspire images from the wild west, frontier men and lever-action rifles? The multi-national owners may have reduced winchester to an ammunition plant, but is it any less American so? The FBI ordered ammunition from them for (up to) 54 million dollars on ammo day none the less! They don't have any problems with the fact that a group of bussiness me originating from a peanut sized country across the ocean pulls a lot of that manufacturers strings.

FN and Browning were close friends a long time ago. The man Moses himself entrusted a Belgian, (a French Belgian at that!) with the unfinished design of what is now one of the most monumental handguns on the market ... was there as much of an uproar then? Or maybe, did people realize that that Saive guy just might be fit for the job?
For what it's worth: the high-power is still a world class weapon and recreative plinker alike, loved by many across the world ... why not the same fate for Bush lite?

Soon, I'll be able to enjoy a nice yankee brew in pubs near my home, and the fine Beers of Belgium and Brazil will start to seep into American bars ... all those products of their respective brewers will become available to more people than ever before ... is that a bad thing? What is there to dislike about that? Job loss? You don't think the Bush familly was keeping people employed for the hell of it, do you? How many people could the new owners possibly give the boot before the gears stop turning?

For what it's worth, soon your drinking habits may be as queer as mine, and you too will be enjoying a naturally fermented cherry beer while reading through your blogroll.

Epic weapon:

The tank catapult!

Remember: Tanks are legal and so are catapults! Now that the Supreme court has confirmed your right to keep and bear arms, be sure to pick up one of these pretties at your earliest convenience!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gang attacks child with spraypaint.

A six year old witness to graffiti vandalism was attacked by gang members who sprayed him in the face with their paint, buring the childs eyes.
One of the believed attackers 15 year old who I can only assume is an honor roll student at his local highschool is currently in custody and is being charged with assault with a caustic chemical, kidnapping and felony vandalism.

What plaegues the inner cities is thug culture it is causing a lot of people to be unwilling to talk to either press or police. It is a real and serious issue that juvenile gang members are perfectly willing to commit these heinous acts, it is an issue that we need to deal with!

Oh, be prepared to hear Jack Thompson claim this is all because of the graffiti in GTA: San Andreas.

A stabbing epidemic?

The UK is being pleagued with stabbings of young and old alike, but how bad is the situation really?
Just below you can catch this weeks "current events in the UK", onr with an exceptional level of bloodshed as I've been collecting stories since thursday, and it's been a horribly bloody weeks end.

Earlier this year, the BBC pointed out that knife crime has come down a whopping 41% since '95, but one must know that such crime peaked during that year!
They published another piece just now, once where somebody sais something most interesting:

  • "One of the difficulties we are having in interpreting what's happening is the alarm that appears to be focused on this instrument itself [knives] instead of looking at the causes and locations of the violence.
Wise words if you ask me! It's long been my conviction that a person who truely whishes to kill one another will find a way to do so, will find a weapon to do so. He may have to settle for a less-than ideal tool for the job, but he will get it done!
So instead of focussing on the object, it is vital that we do something about this ... desire to kill, that is: if we want to solve the problem.

What problem? Wasn't knife crime down 41%? Let's read this article from the Times there were 236 knife murders in England and Wales in 2005, a number which doubled over a two year period to roughly 1.3 per day ... remember my "five a day" post last year? The evening standard agreed that knife violence (as well as violent crime as a whole) was going down!

Maybe it just looks very bad now, with sumer setting in, kids are out of school and people are spending more time out of their houses ... maybe, just maybe, it's all just a matter of perception?
Yeah, tell that to your shadow when you pass through the metal detector before hopping the tube, scream it at the bricks as you are searched when you set of an archway in a school street, explain it to your wife when you get arrested for the butter knife you cut your lunchmeat sandwiches with at work ... it's all a matter of perception.

Tell me: what does the following look like?
(read on below: current events in the UK)

Current events in the UK

For the first time, I've started writing this a few days in advance, it is thursday now and I'll
be adding onto this post untill it is scheduled for release on sunday.

Another kid was stabbed to death, David Idowu was only 14. This year and just in Londen, 19 teenagers have been killed as of thursday, the majority (14 out of 19) of them stabbed to death. The police is coming down hard on knife crime though, arresting 1437 people in seven weeks and confiscating 731 knives. Teenagers are getting involved with crime in an increasing frequency, as seen here: a teenage girl is being charged with some serious offences such as robbery and assaulting police personnel.

On Friday, it was reported that four people had been stabbed to death in London, and there had been two more knife murders in England (1,2) Another teenager was repeadedly stabbed, but is now in stable condition. Martin Dinnega (14) was stabbed to death because he gave someone a dirty look ... this friday night we counted seven fatalities in under 24 hours! Gordon Brown intends to come down even harder on knife crime, hoping to increase the successes that are being made these days. Shortly after, two more kids got stabbed in an assault.

It's not all kids who die, as this case clearly shows, one adult killing another in an unknown fashion. Then there's this story of a man in his 20's or 30's getting stabbed to death, and this one of two men killing a middle aged woman ... knife criminals kill in all layers of society.

Not just knife crime however, a woman was charged with wounding with intent after she set somebody on fire! Another woman killed a 33 year old man, no method listed in this article. A man was attacked with "blunt and bladed" weapons, he was injured but survived the attack. A petrol bomb was used to attack a pub in Northern Ireland and a man was gunned down in England.

On this page, which must have eluded me last sunday, you can read about multiple robberies and another case of arson. Do notice the case where a pizza courriers was attacked and injured by a gang of criminals, he was cut in his arm. Such courriers are favourable targets for criminals in the USA as well, and many are staunch supporters of CCW right.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Turn a criminal in, get gas

With current gas prices at their outrageous level (more than half of the European price!), authorities are offering gas cards redeemable for $250 worth of gas to people who assist in the capture of a wanted criminal.

I'm having seriously mixed feelings about this!

Are they bribing people into cooperating with the police? If before, citizens could turn in a criminal, wouldn't they? In that regard, it amounts to little more than trying to break down the "stop snitching" wall.

Now, dream with me for a minute: what if next food keeps rising in price as it has been doing for quite some time now, it'll be pretty friggen expensive pretty fast! Food stamps for snitches? Come on, turn in a criminal and get a weeks worth of rations ...
Hungry people will do anything to not be hungry anymore. Suppose a "less-than-freedom-oriented" body were to come in control of the nation, how fast would they implement such a scheme to track down all the firearms that "got stolen" when they were banned? To track down "terrorists" or whathever else they're calling dissenters.

I'd keep an eye on this!

Friday, July 11, 2008

When tazers don't cut it ...

Police officers are often confronted with unruly people ... it comes with the territory, but sometimes, the situation gets nasty.

When confronted with a man who charged at them with sharp objects, policemen turned to a taser to subdue their attacker ... to no aveil. Well, the article sais that tasers didn't work, without going into great detail.

Now, instead of turning to normal guns or blunt objects (nightsticks), these policemen had a medical team on standby. They subdued the attacker and gave him an injection with an amnesiac/sedative ... the assailant was then brought to a psychiatry unit of a nearby hospital where he recieved treatment.

Many a people are upset over the practice of injecting people with drugs to be able to subdue them. I can understand that, but I have no more problems with that than with the casual use of tasers, and far less problems than with the use of blunt force or a choke hold. Maybe they will manage to use a subdermal injector in the future, making it accesible to more people ... all of this is a different story however.

Fact of the matter is: a taser can be a wonderfull defensive weapon and law enforcement tool, but it is not guaranteed to work ... they can fail. Guns can fail too, pretty much everything is prone to malfunction in some way I suppose. Point is: if you feel the need to carry a weapon for self defence: pick something dependable and effective.

Now before I finish this up, I'd like to call whatever jackass that let a clearly inebriated man sign a legal document a jackass, and I'd like to commend the arresting officers, who -to the best of my knowledge- showed great restraint and saved at least one life.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prisoner injures guards ...

A recurring phrase from the pro-gun side has been: "if guns are to blame for violence, why aren't prisons the most peacefull places on earth?"

Today, the implication that prisons (jails, detention facillities, ...) can in fact be gruesomely violent places was proven true as two prison guards were shipped off to the hospital after an inmate injured them with a home-made weapon.

Even in such a controlled place, criminals manage to come up with weapons that can seriously injure or even kill people, and they have no regard for authority or human life.

Dumb laws ...

So did this piece on dumb laws, and no, not simply a rip from one of the gazillion sites that have such a list.

My favourite?

  • Over in England, the council of Stafford Borough decided to vent its frustrations on a child by banning the pirate flag from being flown at a 6-year-old's pirate-themed birthday party. The council must have figured that pirates are known to be a crafty bunch, and if they planned to rape and pillage the neighborhood, a 6-year-old's birthday party would be the perfect cover.

    In defense of their decision, the council also pointed out that if they let the Jolly Roger fly, it would open the door for all sorts of flags. And Lord knows no one wants to see that damn Canadian flag flapping in the breeze with impunity.

    The family was eventually allowed to fly the flag, after paying 75 pounds for a special permit and presumably passing a piracy background check.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road rage ... murder one?

Murder one ... a felony you can get charged with if you intentionally and after pre-meditation kill another person. A man who is said to have killed two people in a road rage incident is getting two of those charges.
I'm not saying this guy shouldn't be punished harshly, but these charges don't add up if you ask me. Is the article accurate in its reporting of road rage?

Oh, don't bother with the "legal guns lead to road rage killings" bit ... the perp had been brought up on drug charges and had been convicted of car theft before, the car he was driving turned out to be stolen too, so even if he wouldn't have been a prohibited person due to drug use/felony conviction, he was in posession of a firearm during the comission of a crime and I somehow doubt the likes of him will be sailing easy when applying for a Baltimore Maryland CCW card.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Student stabbed ... dead

We do not allow students to carry firearms, for their protection?

One group of students had been robbed before, by men with guns ... criminals who don't blink twice when crossing the magical "gun free zone" border. Now one of those students has been killed.

It's been released that the guy was stabbed multiple times, but the actual cause of death has not been officially released ... killed on his birthday.

  • according to his own MySpace profile, the University of Miami student relished in many of the freedoms befitting a sociable college student living in South Florida.
Freedoms you say?
Would that be to benefit life, or facilitate murder?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Less than lethal: the latest in microwave

Silent audio, telepathic scream ... call it whathever you want, the MEDUSA boils down to: a microwave weapon that makes you hear things in your head. That is INSIDE you head, so a pair of earplugs won't keep it out, a rather obvious defense against "traditional" arcoustic weapons.

  • ... the biggest issue from the microwave weapon is not the radiation. It's the risk of brain damage from the high-intensity shockwave created by the microwave pulse.
Duly noted: concussion grenades are also "less than lethal", and capable of turning ones brain into scrambeled eggs ... joy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Current events in the UK

It's been two weeks since I last wrote this "column" ... it's not gotten any better.

Even CNN released a video of the latest child victim of knife crime, a 16 year old boy stabbed to death. A young man was stabbed and remains in critical condition, security guards were attacked, stabbed and cut as they tried to chase down suspected shoplifters. Another man, 19 years of age, was attacked and presumably stabbed, he too is in critical condition.
There's been multiple robberies by criminals armed with knives, two are reported here, at least one person was injured. One would think that serious punishments such as this one (over 11 years in jail) would serve as a deterrent. If not, perchance we could re-introduce the chance of being shot during the comission of a crime?

Moving out of the realm of knives and other sharp objects: there's been an arson attack against a bussiness, fortunately, nobody was injured. Another arson attack targeted an inhabited house, two senior citizens were indoors when the attack took place, neither is reported to have been injured. A pipe-bomb exploded, causing serious material damage to a house, fortunately nobody was hurt.

Despite legislation that amounts to an effective ban on firearms, a man was shot earlier today, injured in the stomach, he'll most likely live.
A seventeen year old girl was repeadedly raped by three men.

Police are continuing to wage war on drugs, arresting multiple dealers in targeted raids. I do hope they manage to keep up their successes, they generally don't leave any inoccents dead and do manage to haul back a lot of contraband, unfortunately that's not enough ... it's never enough ...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Man beats child to death.

I'm kind of stumped for a post today, so I'll just link you to yet another example of the horrific beings some humans are. (old story, new devellopments)

A man was beating, kicking and tossing about his infant son. People stopped to see what was going on, tried to stop him, but they failed in their effort and the child died.
If only somebody had had a taser, or another effective weapon with them that thy, so they could have stopped this monster.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The customer's not always right

Not always right blog
These stories are simply hillarious!

Gas Station | Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Me: “Hello, ma’am. How may I help you?”

Woman: “Oh, when is your baby due?”

Me: “I’m not pregnant, ma’am, just fat.”

Woman: “That’s very rude, you know. Pretending to be pregnant just so people can be nice to you!”

Me: *gritting teeth* “I am not pretending anything, ma’am, I promise you. Now, how may I help you?”

Woman: “No! You are a liar, and I am going somewhere where non-lying people can help me!”

Me: “Thank you ma’am, and have a nice day.”

Woman: “LIAR!”

Fencing Club | Canada

Me: “Hello, ****** Fencing Club.”

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking for some galvanized pipe.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I think you may be confused. This is a fencing club… you know, the sport. We don’t actually make fences.”

Customer: “Oh… you see, I’m making a cage for a parrot. Do you have any galvanized pipe?”

Me: “No, I don’t think you understand. We don’t have material for building fences, we do sword fighting here. It’s a sport. Foils, epees, sabres.”

Customer: “Oh, okay… it needs to be galvanized so that it won’t chip if the parrot bites it.”

Me: “I don’t think you’re following me. We don’t build fences here, and we don’t have pipe.”

Customer: “Oh, I see… you see, I need to make the cage for a movie set, and it needs to be galvanized so that it doesn’t chip if the parrot bites it.”

Me: *giving up* “Galvanized pipe, you say?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Try the Soccer Centre.”

Customer: “The Soccer Centre?”

Me: “Yeah, the Soccer Centre.”

Customer: “Thank you!”

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Betancourt freed in violence-free action.

The Colombian army successfully freed 15 hostages held by FARC rebels in an operation that's only a few tuxedos short of a James Bond script.

15 hostages from various locations were to be presented to the rebellions chain of command. They were loaded into a helicopter surrounded by dozens of rebel soldiers, it took off and off they went. But the Colombian military was behind the entire thing, and they weren't going to let these people get away.
The military managed to get infiltrated personnel on that helicopter that was to transport said hostages. The military personnel overpowered the (single/few) rebel force on the helicopter and flew off with the hostages.

No blood was spilled, no life was lost!

There's probably a whole lot more than meets the eye here, but for what it's worth: fifteen people will be able to return to their families!

I'd include a comment on the intell said hostages might be able to provide, but if the army managed to pull this off, then I doubt those prisoners will ba able to tell them anything they don't know yet.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vehicular manslaughter: gun free Vs gun freedoms

Today a man in Israel tried to kill a number of people by mashing a bulldozer into them. He was able to kill three people before somebody used a gun to stop the treath.
This is Israel, where if not by a police officer, one of the many citizens who go through their everyday life carrying fully automatic submachineguns could have stopped this attacker.

This stands in stark contrast with similar events that took place in Japan:

Armed with a far less dangerous vehicle, a Japanese man drove a truck into an entire crowd of people, hopped out and went on stabbing people, killing seven. That's more than twice the amount of people killed by the guy in the bulldozer!
The guy was out on the street, running around! One need not even clim onto a bulldozer or anything similar to stop him! Point, click, lives saved.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Residents of San diego, beware of squirrels

Some Squirrels in San Diego have tested positive for the pleague!
If you like squirrel hunting, it would be well advised to give that a rest, as the flees of your quarry might infect you after you collect the carcass.

DGU at home

Not my home fortunately.

A man shot an intruder in his house. At first his gun wouldn't fire because the safety was still engaged. So ... word to the wise, you might want to run a systems check before you move into the same room as an intruder.

The guy wants to become a police officer, I can only hope he makes it, just like I hope he makes it through all of this without a legal preoblems or a civil sut that bankrupts him.

Serial killer ... where's the gun?

The FBI has issuesd a $25 000 reward for the apprehension of a serial killer, eight bodies suspected to his name, it is believed he has beaten several people to death.

Wait ... I tought it was GUNS that enabeled spree killers?