Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gang attacks child with spraypaint.

A six year old witness to graffiti vandalism was attacked by gang members who sprayed him in the face with their paint, buring the childs eyes.
One of the believed attackers 15 year old who I can only assume is an honor roll student at his local highschool is currently in custody and is being charged with assault with a caustic chemical, kidnapping and felony vandalism.

What plaegues the inner cities is thug culture it is causing a lot of people to be unwilling to talk to either press or police. It is a real and serious issue that juvenile gang members are perfectly willing to commit these heinous acts, it is an issue that we need to deal with!

Oh, be prepared to hear Jack Thompson claim this is all because of the graffiti in GTA: San Andreas.

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hunter4748 said...

And the nieve mayor of your city categorized these criminal acts as "misguided youths" and questions the need for increased police presence and proactively attacking this problem with police intervention. Leave this "hands off" mayor to fend for himself and when his scba shop is burned to the ground or brokenb into for the thrid time in a week, he'll come begging for HIS police department to save him.