Monday, July 21, 2008

not so gun free after all?

A post master was shot in a post office, which we all know to be "gun free", which means to say that only law enforcement and criminals have guns in those places. Criminals like the man who shot the postmaster twice with a shotgun, police officers who weren't at the scene to protect her.

Not a sneer at law enforcement there, not at all! They cannot be everywhere, and if they could, I for one would not want them too. These fine men and women probably had something better to do than post as armed guards in a small town post office. I can only guess this was one the rare occasions that their presence had actually been warrented in that place.

Gun free zones, still aren't.

And ... two blasts from a shotgun, but she lived to call 911? Shot placement is still everything, and fortunately, the attacker wasn't a good enough marksman to kill his victim. I doubt this will do much to the familly she leaves behind, but at least the police have got a head start in finding her attacker and bringing him to justice.

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