Sunday, July 20, 2008

Current events in the UK (updated)

Welcome back to the gun debate critic on sunday with this weeks events in the UK.

Starting off with this weeks teenage victims of violence
  1. A young woman was found murdered in what apperas to be an isolated event. The manner of her death is yet to be determined.
  2. A sixteen year old boy was stabbed downtown, he himself will likely survive and his assailant is in custody.
  3. A thirteen year old boy was beaten in a robbery, but is doing alright.
Northern Ireland authorities are planning to be even more severe in the face of knife crime, having all but doubled the penalty for carrying a knife.

After last sundays post, two men were stabbed at a music festival. While one will survive his woulds described as "horrific", the other one has passed away at the hands of an attacker who is yet to be found. Another man was stabbed and seriously injured along with a girl who suffered minor injuries. A man was shot to death in Dublin, the second shooting fatality in 24 hours.
Showing that robbers don't restrict themselves to guns and knives, four men armed with sledgehammers carried out a brutal robbery of a jewellers.

Now for some good news! The elderly man who confronted a gang of louts (obnoxious, anti-social scum for y'all yanks) has been cleared of charges by a jury of his peers

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